your checklist to success: how to problem solve when event planning

Ji Reichle, Metro-West Representative


Thank you so much for joining us for your checklist success workshop. We’re just going to get right into it. Okay. First off, we just wanted to set the good vibes for this workshop. And so we’ve put a little quote in that relates to leadership and it goes in positive and a negative situation is not naive.

It’s leadership. And we just wanted to put this in here so that we can all feel good about what we’re talking about today and getting that mindset of leadership. Right. We’re going to start off with a little bit of introductions just in case you don’t know us. My name is Jojo. All right. I am ASB vice president at Milwaukee high school.

And I’m your Metro East representative. And then I’m Ji Reichel. I’m a junior at Lake Oswego High school, I’m our junior class secretary, and the Metro West representative. And please don’t feel awkward about those pictures being on the screen. We also feel awkward about that as well. So moving on throughout today’s workshop, we’re just going to go over some things and fill it out for you.

We’re just going to talk about what to expect from this workshop, why you should be here and some things you’ll need, and then we’ll go through two different activities. That’ll help to. Stimulate some brainstorming and then followed by a couple of recommended next steps, tips, and advice that you can take away.

And then lastly, you had to get in touch with us, time to jump right into what this workshop is about. Why are you here? Well, hopefully to learn something or get inspired. Why should you be here? Well, since we’re virtual, it’s definitely been harder to collaborate. So we’re hoping this provides an Avenue for some collaboration.

And just as a disclaimer, we know we definitely don’t have all the answers. But we hope that we’re a part of the reason you find the answer. What materials are we going to need? You’re definitely going to want yourself, your enthusiasm and potentially something to write with. It might come in handy. If you jump into the content of this workshop, these are some DBF questions we provided.

You can access them throughout the workshop or use them at the end to make sure you’re taking away some key points and can get started on your problem-solving. The first of which being, what is one positive outcome of virtual children’s and one negative. Second one is that if you’ve had some successful events, what steps were taken to achieve that success?

Lastly, what is one thing you’ve learned from this workshop that you will apply in your next activity? And we’re going to lead you through in this workshop is one we’ve coined visualize physically. And so when you’re first going to want to do is make a tea table. And if you don’t know what a tea table is, it’s essentially a list that has two columns and you can make two lists right next to each other.

And then. On the first side on the left side of your list, you’re going to title it regular traditions and events, which is just where you’re going to list out all the events you’d have in a regular school year that’s in-person and no COVID precautions. And then on the other side, you’re going to title it, how to adapt, which is where you’re going to be able to start brainstorming how you will interpret this event in a virtual sense, and just how you’re going to be able to make changes to that same event.

But still get the feeling of the same event, if that makes sense. And so the goal of this is to really stimulate some kid of thinking by recognizing everything that you normally do and figuring out how you can make changes to that, but still get the same vibes. And so a good example that we’ve done at my school is like most schools, we have a homecoming every year with a homecoming parade and royalty.

And so what we did this year, too, Still get that homecoming feeling or at least have some sort of homecoming event is that we had a stay at homecoming, obviously because everyone was still at home and we didn’t have a regular parade. Instead we had a shoe box parade, which was pretty cool. And we got to take the same components.

Some of the same components and transfer them into a virtual feeling. So if you would take a few minutes to start creating your list, that would be a great way to finish this activity. Now that you’ve created your list and finish that exercise, I hope you found it helpful and were able to find some success in it.

Let’s move on to the next. The second activity, we’re going to do a thought process slash guided brainstorm, but feel free to pause after every question and either talk about it or write down what you think. The answer. The first question is, what is the biggest issue your leadership class slash Duco are facing right now?

When it comes to events, why do you think it’s an issue and what can you do to combat the issue? And is it realistic to solve? Lastly, if it’s not, what is something you can change or do to solve the issue in a different capacity? The goal for this exercise is to help target what you need to improve and make it an easier solution.

You’ve completed both the activities and hopefully found some creative ideas and solutions we’d like to share some tips. So these may be things that apply to you and many may not be, but it’s just some advice that we’ve been helpful. I would like to pass along saying first, make sure to communicate with the adults who will support you.

Secondly, it try to be overly organized to ensure that you don’t miss a thing when you’re planning events. Also always remember that for a successful event, time management is key. Make sure you’re holding others accountable so that it can get done by the deadline. And please always remember to have fun and do something because you’re passionate about it.

Not just because you feel like you need to do it. But we suggest that you also check out the other SEC member workshops, because they’ll also have some more advice for you. Thank you so much for hanging out with us. We hope you enjoyed it and learned something new. If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or really just want to talk.

You can reach us through our Instagrams and our emails, and please don’t feel the need to follow us on Instagram. That’s not what this is about. Instagram just happens to be one that uses ways to communicate with people.


Hey y’all!! I’m Ji Reichle, I am a current Junior at Lake Oswego High School where I am the Jr. Class secretary and play volleyball! I am so fortunate to be a part of the Student Executive Council where I get to rep the Metro-West region! I can’t wait for summer to hang out by the river and go berry-picking with friends!


Strategize, empathize, Revolutionize…  

In this workshop, we will take you through the steps of planning events while we are still distance learning. We’ll help you identify creative ways to solve issues like decreased student engagement, fundraising, etc, through brainstorming activities and then providing some recommended next steps. We’ll also share some personal leadership experiences as we all face these times together. 

Debrief Question:

  1. What is one positive outcome of virtual events, and one negative? 
  2. If you’ve had some successful events? What steps were taken to achieve that success? 
  3. What is one thing you’ve learned from this workshop that you will apply in your next event?