Fall Conference

Fall Conference is hosted each November in Seaside, Oregon and brings students from across the state together for a weekend of workshops, speakers, networking, and a fun activity night to finish out the weekend.

Virtual Fall Conference Program

Winter Energizer

Open to high school and 8th grade student leaders, Winter Energizer is a perfect time to get re-focused and re-energized for the rest of your busy year.  We’ll have fun, learn lots and send you back inspired to serve for the remainder of the year!

Spring Conference

Hosted each April, Spring Conference provides the perfect opportunity to introduce newly-elected student leaders to OASC and other leaders from across the state.

Summer Leadership Camp

Student leaders in Oregon are changing what it means to be a leader. They are getting more involved in their communities through service, figuring out ways to make effective changes in their schools, and developing skills to be resilient to trials and learning efficient ways to accomplish their goals.OASC has spent 60+ years creating activities that will help students become the best leader they can be. Did you know leaders are not just ASB presidents? They are club members, athletes, students who work part-time and students like you! The skills learned at OASC Summer Leadership Camp help students develop their own passions, strengthen communication skills and learn how they can make an impact on those around them.

Oregon Association of Student Councils

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