Increasing Spirit Week Participation Workshop

Rory Petersen, Mid-West Representative


Hello. My name is Rory Peterson. I’m the OAC Midwest rep and I’m a junior at Oregon charter.

Hi, I’m Grace Pearson. I am a freshman at Oregon charter Academy and I’m the student government activities director there.

During this presentation, we’ll be talking about how to increase school engagement by promoting spirit weeks, we will be going over how to increase participation through proper advertising, through material motivation and through tips on how to come up with these theme ideas.

There were four main ways we advertised for our winter spirit week. We had our principals send an email, we put it in our school, monthly newsletter. We got teachers to talk about their participation and we had student government members spread the word in their classes. The email had information about what days there were and how to submit forms.

Students submitted their pictures via the Google form attached below. Here’s the Google form we used for our last beer week. So it has the title at the top. A name so people could put their name, a grade. Our school is a K through 12 grade. So we have submissions for that. We had our past spirit weekdays in here.

So Disney day, career day, pet day, character day and quarantine day. We had a place to upload the photos. And then at the bottom we have our photo release statement. So there are many ways that having a Google form and. Ahead of submitting it on Instagram or through another social media platform is beneficial.

One of the ways is that it can be safer than Instagram. Another thing is that it’s more easily accessible. It’s a more efficient way than through social media, because it allows students who don’t have social media to participate as well. It’s very clear and easy to understand like what information that we need as a school in order to count their pictures.

Right. If there’s a photo release statement included at the bottom. So it says if you’re chosen as the winner, you agree and allow your photos to be posted. So that way, if someone is a winner in our next monthly newsletter, we can send out their picture to everyone and show that they won. Obviously it’s very school affiliated because the principal sends this Google form out to everyone.

People submit this once. Or they could submit it at the end of the week. So it says, what days are you submitting for? So you could submit it for all the days at once. Or you could submit one every single day. Those are the most benefits to choosing a Google form over a social media platform. Has your school ever tried a Google form instead of Instagram?

How’d it go? We have a monthly newsletter at Oregon cheddar Academy. So we made a short video advertisement that showed off what people should wear during spirit week. Here’s the clip we had for our newsletter. Hi everyone. I am bringing Stanford and I’m the eighth grade Senator. This is my first year at Orca and I really enjoyed it so far.

This month is our spirit week, which will take place February 15th through the 19th. So be on the lookout for more information about dress up themes and remembering prizes are going to be awarded to a winner at each category. Anything like that is perfect. She got students interested by announcing prizes and mentioned looking out for more information.

If your school has a newspaper or email newsletter, that is also a great way to get the spirit week information out. We also let our teachers participate in spirit week. Many teachers got excited about the idea. This helped facilitate classroom discussions about spirit week, which brought more students into it.

Finally, we had our student government representatives speak about it at the end of their classes. This is a great way to spread the word because it only takes a second. At the end of the class for a student to talk about dates and theme days, there are three week we made sure to include prizes for our winners.

There were 10 winners too, for each day. The winners, the knees or water bottles. Schoolwork is an easy way to excite students about school spirit. It was hard to keep everyone pumped up for a virtual spirit week. So offering prizes, it’s a nice way of showing me, appreciate the effort. Spirit choosing the right prizes are important or blankets are not good options.

Cause you have to worry about shipping costs or sizing problems. Good. Gender neutral prizes include hats. You can do bulk caps or beanies you can or water bottles. Or even stickers. We usually use water bottles that they can use in everyday life. But it’s up to your school, decide which kind of prizes they want to send out here.

Our RSP week winners, we treated them all to water bottles. Do you think your school has any merged you could give out or do you have other prizes in mind? We think out a Google form to all of our student government members, so we can collect their ideas. Then we narrowed it down until we had five.

Here’s what we came up with this year. I think of theme ideas are to think about popular trends, shows, brands, movies, or people. So just having a quarantine day like we did for our spirit week, everyone has experienced that. So it was easy for people to understand and dress up is important to consider everyone’s limitations.

Having an astronaut day might be cool, but not many people might have a way to dress up for that. So he just simple ideas that include common clothing slash items is a good way to make sure everyone can participate. What is one strategy you could try from this workshop that would improve your spirit week participation.

Thank you for watching this video.

Thank you for listening. We really appreciate your time. Good luck with your spirit weeks.

I am Grace Peterson. I am a freshman at Oregon Charter Academy and I am the Student government activities director there!


Debriefing questions:  

  • Has your school ever tried a google form instead of Instagram submission? How did it go?
  • Do you think your school has any merch you could give out for spirit weeks or is there another prize you have in mind? 
  • What is one strategy you could try from this workshop that would improve your spirit week participation?


This workshop will explore how to increase school engagement by promoting spirit weeks. It will be over how to increase participation through proper advertising, through material motivation, and through tips on how to come up with ideas.