How YOU Can Make a Change

Guinevere Thompson, Southern Representative


Hi, everyone. Welcome. My name is Guinevere Thompson and I am the Southern representative for OASC SEC. And my workshop name is how you can make a change. So basically we’ll be just talking about the different ways you can make a change in your community or schools and how you can take those ideas that you have for senior here and implement them in your community.

Your schools. So a little backstory. I saw an idea on Facebook, like one of those stomp out bullying kinds of stuff. , that we’ve all kind of seen. And I was like, you know, I really want to run with this. I grew up being bullied. And so I kind of wanted to just make that change in my community.

And so I brought the idea. To my leadership. I kind of made it my own. And then from there we grew it, we made it like a spirit week of movement and we renamed the ideas step up and it was step up to bullying, step up for kindness. Because it also became a kindness campaign and I took it to social media.

And then from there it grew for about a year and then I was recognized by Kim Karr. Well, I can help the co-founder at OASC spring conference for one year. And from there she shared ideas she had for me. And then like, I talked to her about stuff she was doing and then actually became an intern for her.

And then because of that, she was able to introduce me to keep talking to her, my ideas with, and they share theirs. And there was just a whole bunch of networking going on. I think that’s true. Cool key piece to talk about when you’re making a change or making a difference in your schools or community.

So we’ll go through that in a little bit, too. And as I just got to begin working with so many amazing people to just connect and make that change in our schools and our communities. So before we get started, I have a little few questions to ask you. So have you ever heard or seen an idea anywhere that you wanted to bring back to your school or community you’ve ever personally had your own idea that you wanted to bring back to your school or community?

Have you ever successfully brought any of these ideas back to your school community? Have you ever wanted to bring an idea to your school, your community, but didn’t know how, or did it have the right resources and what are some different ways that you can make a change in your community? I asked that last one because we all have different things going on in our communities.

And so like back in December, I put on a silent auction spaghetti dinner to raise money for those who were affected by the wildfires and Phoenix and talent areas. So that was something that was greatly impacting our community. So just there’s different things in our community that need help. So just keep that in mind when you’re planning something for your school or community.

So close that I live by that. I think a lot of people should when wanting to do something like this is one person who can make a difference. Everyone should buy Jeff K and obviously you’re in a workshop called how you can make a difference or how you can make a change. And so. That’s just really, when you’re that.

Kind of person wanting to make that movement or change in your school community. That’s something that is great to live by and makes you passionate. So we can get into a few ways that you can make a difference in your score community. Obviously the first one would be a fundraiser. You can do a spaghetti dinner or any type of dinner.

Like I did an auction, a live or silent tournament about a year and a half ago. I raised money for foster kids. For crude, their Christmas presents and I raise over $800 and a whole big box of toys. So those ones are really fun. As long as you know, what type of sports are big in your communities and schools, you always want to keep that in mind.

You could also do like a can drive or coin drop or a raffle, a big sale, a carwash. All those things are really good fundraisers, at least in our communities. You could also do something where you don’t have to raise money. You can just do a community cleanup, my middle school leadership every year. We used to go down to the rogue river and we did a rogue river clean up.

We picked up trash and just painted over graffiti and it was very awesome. And it’s just a great way to help in your community. You also just volunteer your time, your school in your schools and your community. Anything you don’t always have to be raising money or planning things. You can just volunteer your time.

And also start a movement. I started my anti-bullying slash kindness movement. Maybe there’s a different movement and that needs to be started in your community or school. You could also just do a spirit week. My step up, which is now step up for change. Was it just started as a spirit week? That’s all.

And then you can also do something like big brother, big sister. That’s pretty big. , am I S , middle school at least? , they started that back up. That’s a really cool program. And maybe that’s something you need for your schools. There’s also, I’ve talked to a few different leaders and students who say school news is like the school news makes a big impact in their schools.

And then maybe even a podcast, I have a podcast and that’s grown even more than just my school or community. I’m having people listen from different countries and they’ll reach out to me and be like, Hey, that was a really good episode. It really helped me think about this and this and this. And so podcasts can also really make a change.

So now you hear all these ideas now, what do you do from there? Well, you gotta take those ideas and instead of just forgetting about them, you got to implement implant, implant them. Sorry. So first you want to establish your idea. You want to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing, because if you don’t, then it just gets mbled, jbled and gets lost and people won’t go for it.

So establish an idea, make sure what you’re doing. And then what I like to do is just smart goals. And if you don’t know what a smart goal is, it’s specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. So for specific, be sure you know exactly what you want to do with this idea. What is your, what and your, why?

Your, what in your, why is really important? And that is something that came to me that Carr actually taught me. And I live by that because if you don’t know what your, what is or why you’re doing it, or what is the purpose of it, then they’re not going to be passionate about it. And it’s not going to make a difference like it might, but it’s just not going to be what you want it to be.

So always know what your, what in your is. For measurable. If your idea is specific to make an impact, say, can drive, how will you measure that? Most likely first can drive. You would likely count by the amount of cans, but you get the idea for achievable or attainable. If this is realistic, you have the supplies to achieve this.

Do you have, do you, or will you have the support? What is the likelihood that you’re able to get this idea up and running? Because you do not want to put all that time and effort into something. You’re not going to be able to. So I’m really big on dreaming big, but you have to be realistic because if you aren’t then.

It’s not going to happen. And you would just basically waste all your time that really sucks. And that’s happened to me. So just make sure it’s realistic. They’ll dream big, but you gotta make sure that you can actually do something like that. Like you’re not going to plan a fundraiser where the main part of it is you get to ride a unicorn.

Like it’s not realistic. , the next part of it would be relevant. Does this make a difference? And when we’re talking about making a change in your community or schools, like you want to make a difference to you. So if it’s not something that’s important to your community or school, it probably won’t make that big of a difference.

It might to some people, but it might not make a huge difference. The next part would be does not matter what you’re doing. Does that matter to you? , because your ideas should align with your values. And if it doesn’t, you’re not gonna be passionate about it and you don’t not want to implement something you’re not passionate about.

And the last part of it would just be timely. Is this a long-term goal or a short-term growth or not goal, obviously guys, but an idea is this long term or short term, , when you want this to happen, how long when you want it to end, if it’s like a fundraiser or something, you just want to be specific people like when you’re specific about what you’re doing.

So just keep that in mind. Now since you have it all planned out with your smart goal and you just start acting on it. You, if you it’s an idea for your school, you’d take it probably first year leadership slash student council slash leadership’s student council advisor person, because I’ll likely be able to give you the support system you need and help you bring this idea into the light and will give you the right resources and to talk to the right people.

If it’s an idea for your community, figure out where you want this to take place and talk to your members or the owners. So like my spaghetti dinner, I did it at my local church and I talked to some of the pastors and the front office and. Just worked it out with them. So just figure out where it is like a park and talk to the park managers.

I think that’s the wrong word for it, but you guys get the point. If it’s an idea that can be for both your school and community, talk to your advisor because likely they’ll be able to help you get in touch with them. With those people in the community and we’ll get you the right resources. So it’s probably best to have their help.

And once you start getting it all planned out and you have your stuff ready, I think you just want to get people involved. You get your people in your school or your community involved, even if it’s like, if it’s an idea for your community, get your school involved because. It’ll make a bigger impact. So just make sure you start getting the word out there for what you’re doing in your what and your why, and just get it out there.

You know, and I have a little bit of advice for you guys. So this is some of the stuff that I wish I would’ve known going into what I do. So first I would say if people try to change up your idea a little bit, don’t be discouraged. They’re just trying to help. , they’re trying to, they see a difference.

Perspective than you guys. And so just as long as your what and why stay the same. It’s okay. But once your, what is your why’s starts to change a little bit, you want to talk to them, just be like, Hey, this is not kind of what I was envisioning. Can we kind of figure out, Oh, common ground, like where we can both figure this out.

The next one that would be, it is okay to ask for help. Don’t try to do it all on your own. This one is something I still struggle with. I try to do everything on my own all the time. It’s just not practical things get put on the back burner and it’s just a whole lot of trouble for you for no reason. We can just ask for help.

Dream big, but make sure your ideas are achievable. That one, like I said, I kind of went over that with our smart goals. I like to dream big. You gotta make sure your idea’s achievable. You don’t want to dream big and have this whole plan and then be like, get it shut down in front of your face. It’s not fun.

, better be to be over-prepared than under-prepared. This one is very, very true. There’s been times where I have been totally over-prepared and it feels like, Oh geez, like, wow. I was way over-prepared, but then there’s some who were under-prepared. I’m like, Oh no, what am I going to do? So you’d rather be over prepared than under prepared.

, don’t silence yourself. When people try to take over your idea, it’s still your idea and you should own that. And that kind of piggybacks off the first one, because I don’t silence myself. , because it is your idea and you should own it, but just make sure there’s that gray, there’s the space between they’re taking over and they’re just trying to help.

So just make sure you know where that balance next one would be. No idea is db, which is very true. Just make sure you have a reason for what you’re doing. Like I said, passion is a big thing for me. And if you aren’t passionate about something, then it’s not, not worth it. You know? And then the last one to be, no, idea too small.

And I agree with that 110% new ideas through small, anything can make a difference. And like that quote, I said, everyone can make a difference and everyone should. So. Oh, that’s yeah, no, idea too small. And then the other part that I wanted to talk about with making a difference or making a change is that networking part.

So when you start implementing ideas in your schools and communities, if you want, you can go and talk to other people, other schools, other places, and just start connecting with them and networking with them, talking about what you’re doing, and you can share your ideas and they’ll show you theirs. And then you’re able to all just connect and be.

Able to help each other, make differences in each other’s communities in schools. And so you can bring back their ideas to your school and their ideas to their, your ideas, to their schools. And that’s what happens a lot of times when we go to things like spring conferences and stuff is we hear all these ideas.

We just then don’t always implement them. And I think it would be very awesome to help implement them. So that’s kind of why I wanted to talk about this during the work, , my workshop and just how you can make a change because. When I was in seventh grade, I didn’t think I would be where I am today. I didn’t think that I would be still growing my soon to be nonprofit called step up for change and being Southern representative for OSC and also being a specialist slash intern.

They changed the names for I can help and it’s just. My, if you had told me back then, this is where I’d be. I wouldn’t believe that. And so if you have an idea to make a change, do it, and if you ever have any questions or need any help, I’m here. Like I said, I’m the Southern representative for a sec. My Instagram is going to about colns nine.

My step up account is step up. Or attain, and then obviously you should all have Instagram and then there’s also, I can help Instagram, which is I can help officially if you’d like that, detect them out. Yeah. Just reach out. If you have any questions or need any help, I’m willing to help any and everybody, , I think it’s awesome that you even clicked on this because if you, if you want to make a change, there’s a reason you’re here.

You want to help. And so I hope I helped a little bit if. Not like I said, reach out to me, but you all are awesome. And I can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things you’re going to make changes in your community, I guess.