Giving Tuesday

Let’s GIVE leadership! Donate to the Friends of OASC Scholarship Fund Now! Click Here to Donate.

Why Give?

Since 1949 the Oregon Association of Student Councils has helped thousands of student leaders. Chances are, they helped you step out of your comfort zone or taught you a leadership skill you continue to use today. Founded with the purpose of leadership development, OASC helps students to improve their lives while learning to lead others through service, involvement, and action. Now, OASC needs your help!

As resources have dwindled in our public schools, many programs are no longer being funded as they have been in the past. Leadership is no exception. Many schools previously paid a portion or the entire cost to send students to our Summer Leadership Workshops, which have been in existence for over 25 years. This is no longer the case. The burden has shifted to families, and although every effort is made to keep costs low, many simply cannot afford it. Consequently, many fine young leaders miss out on this excellent growth opportunity.

How to Give?


OASC is always looking for volunteers through the OASC Alumni Association. Alumni can volunteer at conferences, camps, and other OASC events.


Donations to the COSA Foundations (Friends of OASC) are used directly to help students attend Summer Leadership Camp and Winter Energizer.


Did you know you can donate money through OASC via Oregon Bottle Drop and Fred Meyer Rewards? Learn how to help below.

Who you help!

Thank you!

“I just wanted to thank you, the staff and anyone else involved in the OASC Summer Camp for the past week I had at camp. It was definitely the best time I’ve ever had and I learned so much from it. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend, and giving me a bit of scholarship money to do so, it really means a lot to me. Even through this was my first, and last year at the camp considering I will be a senior, and my first ever OASC event, I felt like I’ve known everyone there for much longer than a week. This past week has shown me that it’s ok to be yourself, even if people are against it, and to never be afraid to do so. You are truly in charge of one of the best organizations, and are changing so many lives, including mine.” -Former Camper

life changing

“We just can’t thank you enough for allowing him this opportunity. When you say it’s going to be a life-changing experience, you aren’t kidding!… We will do whatever it takes to see our son look that confident and happy! It will be a bit of a financial dance for us but his enthusiasm for this experience will be worth our investment and I’m sure the rewards will be ongoing.” -Parent High School of Camper 

the best decision!

“OASC!!! The door that opened and took [our daughter] to higher heights then I had ever imagined!” Honestly, I recall signing her up for SUMMER LEADERSHIP CAMP her Freshman year and thinking…What, how much, where, overnight, a week?!? Um…I don’t know about that! Well, she went & it was the BEST decision ever! I’m not a spokesman for OASC, better then that! I am a parent who has watched our daughter excel in skills that some of us as adults never reach. [Our Daughter] continues her path with OASC in becoming stronger in leadership, communication, motivational speaking, organization, networking, time management, and so much more. In addition to the many friendships she will have forever and mentors that have made strong foot prints in her life. We are beyond proud of what she has become and a thousand times more confident when she leaves for college in a year.  Why the reason for this Long email?  Because we want to share this extraordinary organization with every student and family. As it was shared to us!” –Parent of High School Camper

Giving in Other Ways

Oregon Bottle Drop

  1. Contact OASC to get a blue bag (email Katie at
  2. Fill the blue bag with your Oregon deposit containers
  3. Drop off your blue bag at our office or your nearest BottleDrop Center or BottleDrop Express (the tags on blue bags will open the secure drop doors between 6 am and 10 pm)

Fred Meyer Rewards

You can help OASC by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to the COSA Foundation at You can search for us by our name or by our non-profit number UI969.

You still get your rewards too! By linking your card, you give OASC a % of your purchase while still getting your gas rewards, coupons, and Fred Meyer benefits!