Fixer Upper Ep 2: Making a News Team at your school

Love Valdez, At-Large Representative


Oh, Hey, wait. You see, I didn’t see you there. I’m Love. And I went on this year’s at-large representative. I’m really showing you how to put up this team at your school. So you’re probably wondering Love. What’s the point of a news thing? Well, by telling me your school is setting up a spirit week and you don’t know how to get the word out.

That’s when a news team came to the clutch. Now you can’t just make a news team in two seconds. So what are you going to do about it? You need a whole team, eight to pies and all the things you could possibly think of. So pause right here and think about who you want in your news? Okay. So now that you’ve decided who you want in your show, you got to decide.

What do I want in it? Well, my school decided to do a cooking segment every week where we show fun snacks to do so. Pause right here. I’m thinking about it, writing it out as a help. What do you want to include in the show? Do you want to add some informational stuff? Do you want to do your steering QA? It’s all up to you.

Fun fact, I was actually a part of our newest team in middle school. And, you know, we did, we sat in front of a big camera with a teleprompter and every morning it was like, good morning, everyone. Welcome back to another day of school. Not everyone has to do that. You can make it super fun and you could wing it if you want to.

But it’s always important to have materials. Not every time the school has the money to get a big camera, a huge lighting system and a whole mic set up what she needs. Sometimes it’s just a ring light or a tripod, a phone, and some headphones. My school uses one of them. So this is a ring light tripod, and you can put it on your desk or anywhere.

And when you plug it in, it turns on, you can find those ring lights, basically anywhere you can find them at target, or you can find them on Amazon. I recommend finding them on Amazon, just because you get a bang for your buck now. If you really can’t afford a whole ring light and a whole setup and check out one of these, these are many ring lights, and you can get them for like five bucks maybe.

And you just clip it onto your phone and see great lighting. I go to school. I’ll see you. Just one of these. These really cool mikes. They are literally 16 feet long, super tangled, but layer super helpful, especially when you’re filming with other people. A cool thing about these microphones is that they, and they’re only a few bucks it’s super worth trying.

If you really want to. No, not if you want something super cool to add to your list of materials is a green screen. You can get off Amazon for maybe 12 to $13. It really amps up the whole video. Like I said, it can be a little hard getting money from these materials. So pause right here and think of some fundraisers to do for your school.

There are some super important things because everyone needs to know when starting a news team. And I’m about to tell you that my big thing, nber one, You want to make sure that you are making a video that has information, but also inclusive and diverse. So at the end of this video, maybe think about how I am going to include different cultures, different communities, and also make it informational at the same time.

The best way that we make our show inclusive is by including Spanish translations and subtitles. We do this because the majority of our school are Spanish speakers. So we always make sure to include videos that are Spanish, big things, nber tips. Have a production team. It sounds super corny. Trust me. It is so helpful.

You can create a production team by asking students in your student council or leadership, or you can ask students around the school. My school created spring TV, and we have a great production system that works behind the scenes. We have an editor in chief. We have a script maker and we have two main anchors.

Okay. Y’all that was a lot of information. So let’s take a second to think about what we just learned. Nber one, why do we need a new show? Number two, who do I want in the new show? Number three. What do I want in a new show? Number four. What are the things that I need to make a great news team? Number five.

How am I going to get those materials? Number six, how am I going to make the show inclusive and informational? And how am I going to get a production team?

Here are some helpful tips to know when you are doing a new show, helpful to them. Nber one, make a winning script. It sounds easy, but trust me, a script is going to help you.

Tip number two: make a Google drive to add all the babies. I will say at the beginning of the school year, my school literally had no clue where half of our clips work and that Google drive was very helpful. Number three, when you’re filming, remember to film a nicely lit. Quiet please. So we can hear what you’re saying. Tip number four, make it on a YouTube channel so that you know where things are.

So if your school wants to watch it at another time, make sure those links are accessible. Okay. So over the last couple of months, we have learned that having an app alerting system and an editor is really beneficial. You can hire an editor if your school’s up for that, or you can just ask around. Our editor at our school is one of our cool students.

Mason, shout out to you. , he’s made the video super great. So make sure you reach out all right, everyone. So we made it to the end of the video. And I just want to say thank you so much for taking your time to listen to this workshop. I hope you learned something from it, and I hope you start aiding steam at your school.

If you weren’t thinking about it before or thinking about it now, this is your time. To start your school to best me. It helps every month. Good evening. OASC and everyone else watching this video, it may not be evening where you are, but it is evening where I am, because I had to refilm. The outro of his video because my mic went on in it.

So I just want to say thank you all, so much for watching this workshop. I hope you all learned something and I hope you choose to start a news team at your school. , I also want to remind you to drink your water. Eat some food practice, good hygiene, and to have a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful rest of your week.

Enjoy the sun when it comes out or enjoy the rain, whatever works for you. Let me miss you all so much, and I hope you have a wonderful week. Bye.

 Hey! My name is Love and I am a Junior at Hillsboro HS and I am one of this year’s At Large Reps. I’ve been a part of OASC for almost 5 years and have been in the leadership world for 6!


 If you are in desperate need of creating a news team at your school or ways to get info out to students, this workshop is just for you! On this Episode of Fixer Upper, we are putting a News Team together! Because covid made it difficult to spread important info to our student body and staff, Hillsboro HS (my HS) decided to put together a News Team from home. I’ve got all the details you could possibly need. See you there!


Debrief Questions:

  1. What would you include in your school’s News Show?
  2. Who would you reach out to before and after you plan out the show?
  3. What will you do in order to create a show that is not only informational but also inclusive and diverse?
  4. What is your plan if and when you buy materials?
  5. How are you going to make sure your classmates are on task when preparing these videos?