OASC Fall Conference is an opportunity for High School student leaders to hear nationally renown motivational speakers, learn the latest leadership lessons, and meet other leadership students from across the state of Oregon.

November 2020

Anywhere, OR

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Dates to Remember

September : Registration Opens
October : Early-bird Deadline
October : Presentations Submissions for HS Fall Conf. Due
October : Last day to Register & Update Numbers

Fall Conference Vacancy

Conference Registration 0% Full
Pre-Conference Registration 0% Full

Call for Presenters

Get 5 extra seats at Fall Conference for presenting.

OASC is looking for confident leaders who want to LEAD at Fall Conference! If you present at Fall Conference, your school is eligible for 5 extra registrants! (20 total)

Idea Share Facilitator
The Idea Share is a 45 minute discussion on a variety of topics led by an adviser/student team. Minimal preparation required.

A workshop is a 45 minute presentation presented in a classroom like setting. Workshops should be organized with clear objectives and a defined take-away. Topics can be very general or specific and can be catered to a specific audience if appropriate.

Adviser Packet

Are you joining us for Fall Conference 2020 or just want a little more information? Please Read the Adviser Packet!

***Due to the change in school schedule for the 2020-2021 school year, these FAQs may be outdated but apply to the traditional Fall Conference hosted in Seaside, Oregon.

Fall Conference FAQ’s

Q: If we currently have 13 and want 3 extra, will we have to present because we will now be over 15?
A: No. Presenter Registration is closed and all workshop rooms are fully booked.

Q: My student got sick the night before and cancelled do I have to pay for their spot?
A: Yes. This spot could have been sold to another school wanting spots. Please have a plan for if a student cancels and a substitute ready to take their place!

Q: How do I pay?
A: COSA staff supports us with our bookkeeping – we give them the final #’s after the deadline. We will invoice either after that date or after the event – it depends on their schedule. Payment is due within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

Q: I have a candidate running for office, do we pay for them?
A: Yes, they count in your #’s and pay registration. If they are elected then while they are on the board they do not count in your #’s and you do not pay for them – they will be working.

Q: I have a student on the board, do we pay for them?
A: No, they don’t count in your #’s and you don’t pay for them. They come in early to help plan and prep. We provide them with housing Fri and Sat and you provide them housing on Sunday night.

Q: Our bus is going to drop us off Sunday and pick us up Monday – How do we get to the high school?
A: OASC has paid for x2 shuttle buses to go back and forth between the convention center and the high school

FALL CONFERENCE 2020 Featured Speakers:

Keynote Speaker Information Coming Soon

Housing Options

There are many beautiful hotels to choose from in Seaside, Oregon. However, some schools opt for Beach House instead. Whichever you choose, please see link below for Group Hotel Pricing and Beach House recommendations.

Fall Conference 2019: Nov 3-4, “Leadership Rocks”

Fall Conference 2018: Nov 4-5, “Constructing Leaders”

Fall Conference 2017: Nov. 5-6, “Turning the Tide”

Fall Conference 2016: Nov. 6-7, “The Story of a Leader”

Fall Conference 2015: Nov 8-9, “Exousia: Power to Act. Power to Lead. Power to Love.”