Advisor Resources

(In Alpha order by topic)

A-Z’s of Advising Presentation PowerPoint
A-Z’s of Advising Handout

Alliance for Student Activities
Let X Summary
Bibliography (data to support)
Promote the Value
How others can help based on Audience: Administrators, Teachers, Advisers, Parents/Community

List of Leadership Books from NASSCED

Calendar Planning
A Year of Activities, from the OASC Advisor Workshop 10-11-13
January 2017 Kindness Calendar

Camp Documents 2017
Olympic Games
Name Games & Icebreakers
“Meet Your Family” CardsDirections
Boundary Breaking Questions
Epic Project Documents
Reflections of a Leader
First Impression Lesson
Color Personality Quiz
Plarn Instructions, Plarn Instruction Video, Example Video

OASC Constitution
Creating a Constitution – from NASSP 2006
Student Executive Council Application 2015-2016

Culture and Climate
Scott Backovich’s presentation MS Regionals 2013
Climate Graphing

OASC’s Shake It Steps

Dealing with Adversity
Handout by speaker Patrick Maurer

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Resources coming soon

10 Creative Evaluations
NASC Student Council Evaluation
Reflections of a Leader
Evaluated Experience (Lyn Fiscus presentation)
Weekly Self-Evaluation (Lyn Fiscus presentation)

Legal Framework Basics, Quiz, FAQ’s
California Manual (Best Practices)
Measure 98 Spending & Planning

Washington ASB $$ Top 10 Rules

100 Fundraising Ideas

Proficiency Grading, Aurora Taylor, Sherwood H.S.  Click HERE to link to her website (please email and not call with questions)
Proficiency Grading, Mike Verhulst, Parkrose H.S.   Click HERE to view his presentation.

Jamie Haden, Ashland Middle School has created the following rubrics to support leadership Essential Learning Skills in her classroom
Soul Soup Presentation Rubric
Planning, Implementing and Evaluating an Event Rubric
Community Service Log Rubric

Happiness is Now (MS Regionals 2014)
21 day meditation Click HERE
The Wobble

The YOLO Flash Mob

Tips for Student Leaders
Tips for Advisors

Wear This Not That – Sprit Dress-up Guidelines

Incident Report Forms
Incident Report Form Word Interactive
Incident Report Form Word
Incident Report FormAdobe Pdf

Family Names Instructions
Family Names Cards (Print and Cut)

List of Leadership Lessons from NASSCED
Who Makes the Difference in Your Life?
Connecting the Dots
Personal Board of Directors
What Students Can Do: Positive & Save Environments

Basic Parli Pro

Mental Health
Resources Coming Soon

Metro League Conference
Davey Muise – Student Posters

Project Planning
After an OASC event

OASC Event Debrief

Social Media
Awareness Flyer / Poster
#icanhelp implementation
icanhelp parent guidelines
Social Media for Schools Presentation
#ICanHelp Lessons (1 & 2)
#ICanHelp 20 Activities to do at your school
How to Respond to Negative Comments

Teaching Leadership Standards
Region 7 Leadership Standards
Missouri Leadership Course Standards
Leadership Development Inventory

Team Building
Boundary Breaking Questions
Name Games

Top 20 Teens
Top 20 Teachers PDF

Unity / Diversity / Acceptance
Heather Schultz / Sara Nilles “Stars are Over-rated” NCSA Handout Click HERE
Schools in Transition: A guide for supporting transgender students in k-12 schools (Human Rights Campaign) Click HERE to download the full manual.  Chapter 4, pages 20-30 specifically talked about dress code, activities and field trips.

List of Leadership Websites for supplies, appreciation, and more from NASSCED
List of YouTube Links to leadership lessons and videos from NASSCED
Brave New Voices

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