Summer Leadership Camp 2021

Student leaders in Oregon are changing what it means to be a leader. They are getting more involved in their communities through service, figuring out ways to make effective changes in their schools, and developing skills to be resilient to trials and learning efficient ways to accomplish their goals.OASC has spent 60+ years creating activities that will help students become the best leader they can be. Did you know leaders are not just ASB presidents? They are club members, athletes, students who work part-time and students like you! The skills learned at OASC Summer Leadership Camp help students develop their own passions, strengthen communication skills and learn how they can make an impact on those around them. Join us this summer to Lead Like Champions!


  • Hosted at Western Oregon University, 345 Monmouth Ave N., Monmouth, OR 97361
  • Registration Opens: March 2021
  • Scholarships Deadlines: Round 1 – April  & Round 2 – May
  • Early-bird Deadline: June
  • Last Day to Register (Based on availability): June
  • Final Payments due: July

Middle School

July 11-14


For students entering 6-8th Grade of the following school year.

High School

Session 1: July 11-15
Session 2: July 18-22


For students entering 9th-12th Grade of the following school year.

*Early-bird pricing. Prices increase after early-bird deadline.


  • Register by June for early-bird pricing.
  • Payment must be made in full by July 2021.
  • For REFUND (minus $50 non-refundable deposit), cancellations need to be submitted in writing by June, 2021 to
  • Cancellations after June 2021 are NOT eligible for refund.

Payment Directions for Advisers

Directions to be completed by ADVISERS ONLY:

OASC has worked to make the process of schools paying for Camp easier. Your school will be issued coupon codes which will take off the dollar amount your school has agreed to pay for each student. To get this code, please follow the directions below:

  1. Please email OASC at at minimum of 1 week before early-bird deadline with the following information:
    1. # of coupon codes your school needs (Once the code limit is reached, it will no longer work.)
      1. For example: If your school is going to pay for 6 students, you will request 6 coupon codes. However, if you still aren’t sure the total number, you may request us to set your codes as “unlimited” so anyone who has the code can use it.
    2. Dollar Amount per code: You can have 1 amount for all codes, or specific amounts for each.
      1. For example: If your school is paying for 100% of the registration fee (including the $50 non-refundable deposit), please specify you will cover 100% of the cost. If you would like to cover $50 per student, please specify to have the coupon codes take $50 off the students registration cost.
      2. Separate Code Example: If your school is covering a different amount for different students please use the following example as help: 3 – $50 codes, 2 – $75 codes, 1 – 100% ($140 value). Your school’s total invoice would be $440.
      3. PLEASE BE AWARE: if your school is covering 100% of the cost of the registration (including the $50 non-refundable deposit) and you have a student back out, you will be charged the non-refundable deposit. Please check the registration site for details.
  1. Once OASC receives the email, you will be invoiced the total dollar amount of the coupon codes. This invoice must be paid by the payment deadline for the event. Students with open invoices at the time of the event will be responsible for payment to attend. Please make sure they are paid so we don’t have to turn any students away.
  2. If the codes issued to you were left unused, we will let you know before the payment deadline. Don’t worry, you will only be asked to pay for codes used. OASC will invoice AFTER the event.

Fine Print: Student who are using a coupon code provided by their school should be registered by early-bird deadline. Coupon codes will expire on the date registration ends for the event. By using the coupon codes, your school agrees to pay for the total amount of codes used, by the payment deadline.

Payment Directions for Students

If your school is paying for any portion of your Camp registration, you will receive a coupon code (discount) to use when registering. Please ask your adviser for your school’s coupon code. If your adviser has any questions, please direct them to the OASC website under the event you’re registering for instructions.

Video for Students!

Video for Parents & Advisers!

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