2019 Adviser of the Year: Sarah Cole

Sarah Cole

Hillsboro High School




Applications for Adviser of the Year 2020

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Past Winners

2019     Sarah Cole, Hillsboro High School
2018     Erik Reinholt, Mountainside High School (Beaverton SD) 
2017     Julie Kasper, Century High School  (Hillsboro SD)
2016     Mckenzie Coulson, Tigard High School  
2015     Linda Romey, Perrydale Jr./Sr. High School
2014     Kelle Angel, South Albany High School
2013     Mike Verhulst, Parkrose High School
2012     Shelley Lute, Happy Valley Middle School  (North Clackamas SD)
2011     Cami Beatty, Oregon City High School 


We look forward to recognizing OASC’s 2020 Adviser of the Year online this year!   In order to be a finalist, the candidate’s school must be an active member of OASC.  If the finalist is also a member of NatStuCo and meets their application requirements they may apply to be recognized at the national level as well.   There is no minimum years of service requirement for OASC’s Adviser of the Year and current OASC board members are not eligible.

All parts of the application must be in our office by May 1, 2020.

Part 1 = complete the form below.

Part 2 = An email or mailed statement of support from the advisers Superintendent, Principal or Vice Principal.

Part 3 = An email or mailed letter from either one student or a group of students on why they feel their adviser should be OASC Adviser of the Year.


Adviser of the Year Application

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