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Information regarding a Virtual Winter Energizer are coming January 2021!


Leadership Consulting Team

Susy Sayles, Administrative Programming and Support Consultant
Brittany Hall, Administrative Programming and Support Consultant
Justin Low, Student Programming and Support Consultant
Sarah Cole, Advisor Programming and Support Consultant
Annika Minges, Marketing and Communications Consultant

Student Executive Council (SEC)

Taylor Hayes, State President
Brody Gobler At-Large Rep.
Love Valdez At-Large Rep.
JoJo Albright Metro Rep. – East
Ji Reichle Metro Rep. – West
Laney Hyder Northwest Rep.
Rory Petersen Mid-West Rep.
Guinevere Thompson Southern Rep.
Alyssa Samuel Central Rep.
Grace Lind Eastern Rep.
Mia Reese Mid-Level Rep.
Sienna Lilliebo Mid-Level Rep.

Camp Directors

Susy Sayles & Susie Brighouse, Camp Session 1 Directors
Joey Edwards & Kelly Hart, Camp Session 2 Directors
Brittany Hall & Mikey Downey, MS Camp Directors

Adult Executive Board

Ben Bowman, Board Chair  (COSA/Alumni)
Dave Rohrman, Hermiston High School
Malory Turner, Scappoose Middle School
Kelsey Bowers, Portland Public Schools
Chris Hill, Lake Oswego High School
Ty Gonrowski, Gresham High School
Kristi Sturgeon, Mazama High School
Kelsey Dearmond-Sattler. Salem-Keizer Public Schools
Miles Palacios, Capitol Ambassadors Program

Equity Committee

Kelsey Bowers (Co-Facilitator)
Miles Palacios (Co-Facilitator)
Amaya Addy
Raymond Arias
Matt Brown
Emma Dozier
Tony Fuller
Ali Herrera
Madi Montgomery
Isa Pena
Jessica Shanyfelt
Maida Tahirkheli


71 years of Leadership

Since 1949 the Oregon Association of Student Councils has helped thousands of student leaders. Chances are, they helped you step out of your comfort zone or taught you a leadership skill you continue to use today. Founded with the purpose of leadership development, OASC helps students to improve their lives while learning to lead others through service, involvement, and action.

Our Partners

Why should YOU be an OASC Partner? The purpose of an OASC conference is to celebrate student and advisor accomplishments, educate and inform council/leadership groups on projects and opportunities for local service, learn new leadership skills, encourage networking and motivate leaders through powerful keynote presentations.  Exhibitor participation is an opportunity for student groups and exhibiting programs or products to connect and network.

Students and advisors attending an OASC conference are enthusiastically searching for programs and products that can be used in their efforts to promote school spirit, community service, citizenship and leadership development.  Additionally, these students are truly the top achievers on their campuses and are interested in programs and opportunities beyond their role as high school student council leaders.

Give Back to OASC

Friends of OASC Scholarship Fund

Donating directly to this fund, managed by COSA, you can help finance a students experience that they will never forget. If you have specific donation questions, please contact Brittany Hall (bhall@oasc.org)

Fred Meyer Rewards

You can help OASC by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to the COSA Foundation at www.fredmeyer.com/communityrewards You can search for us by our name or by our non-profit number UI969.You still get your rewards too! By linking your card, you give OASC a % of your purchase while still getting your gas rewards, coupons, and Fred Meyer benefits!


Step 1: Contact OASC to get a blue bag (email aminges@oasc.org) Step 2: Fill the blue bag with your Oregon deposit containers Step 3: Drop off your blue bag at your nearest BottleDrop Center or BottleDrop Express

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