FEBRUARY 18-20, 2017 at Valley Catholic HS

Are you ready to get energized?  Don’t miss the 10th annual Winter Energizer!  Open to high school and 8th grade student leaders!  It’s the perfect time to get re-focused and re-energized for the rest of your busy year.  We’ll have fun, learn lots and send you back inspired to serve for the remainder of the year!

Only $140!*

*Early Bird Rate until February 2nd.
($160 after February 2nd.) Registration ends on February 9th.

2017 Confirmation Letter (Arrival, Departure, Packing, Service Project and more . . .)

100% Full

You may join the wait list by registering at the link below.

Featured Speaker: Seeds Training w/ Ben Bowman

ccSeeds Training designs and delivers training programs that build life, leadership, and learning skills in students and teachers around the world. We fill the gaps in traditional education by working with students to develop important social and emotional skills that aren’t always taught in the classroom: how to be a leader, think creatively, build relationships, solve complex problems, move through adversity, take responsibility, and more. Our methodologies, like brain-based learning and experiential activities, create an environment where students can take risks and be vulnerable with their peers. We create powerful learning experiences that transform schools into safer, more inclusive communities with happier, more confident students. Our curriculum reaches over 1 million students every year and we operate in 20 countries around the world.

Past Winter Energizers

2017 “The Magic of Leadership”, Valley Catholic H.S. Speaker Seeds Training
2016 “Catch the Wave of Leadership”, Valley Catholic H.S. Speaker Allison Clarke
2015  “For the LOVE of Leadership”, Valley Catholic H.S. Speakers Brent Camalich and Dr. Jon Bullock
2014   “Light The Fire Within”, Valley Catholis H.S.  Speaker Tiana Tozer
2013   “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”, Valley Catholic H.S.   Speaker Jake French
2012   “Leadership Round-Up”, Valley Catholic H.S. Speaker Russ Peak
2011    “Generate Your Own Power”, Clackamas H.S.  Speaker Lou Radja
2010   “Winter Blast”, Valley Catholic H.S.
2009   “Mid-year Madness”, Valley Catholic H.S.
2008   “Half Time: The Re-Vamp Camp”, Valley Catholic H.S.