Oregon leaders don’t just shine in our beautiful state, they shine all over the world. The Leadership without Borders program was organized to give student leaders a chance to experience leadership development and service learning in various parts of the world.

Leadership without Borders began in 2015 with a trip to the Dominican Republic. In 2017, students traveled to Nicaragua. In 2018, they will return to the Dominican Republic and in 2019, students will head to Peru.

Dominican Republic 2018 with EF Tours

Meaningful. Sustainable. Unforgettable

As you travel across the Dominican Republic, take a cultural journey into the local communities of the northern coast. While you’re immersed in the local heritage, you’ll gain insight into the issues impacting local children today. Working together with local non-profits and community members, you’ll build sustainable solutions to the educational, social and economic challenges they face.

Group Leaders: Susanne Sayles – McMinnville High School Leadership Advisers, Kristi Sturgeon – Mazama High School Leadership Adviser, Brett Andry – Yoncolla High School Leadership Adviser

DR Trip 2018, July 25, 2018-August 1, 2018 – Join Oregon student leaders and advisers as they travel to the Dominican Republic for a leadership trip of a lifetime! This trip is sponsored by OASC through EF Tours.

$3,364* Scroll to the bottom of the page for price details

Tentative Itinerary

Meet your Field Director at the airport. After you arrive at your accommodations, settle in and meet your group for the country orientation and safety overview.

As communities evolve so do their needs. That’s why we work closely with non-profits to better understand the local challenges. Since projects are determined closer to your actual tour date, here’s a glimpse at what a typical day might look like.

  • In the morning, begin your service project with children in a nearby village.
  • Spend the afternoon immersed in cultural activities.
  • In the evening, reflect, discuss events as a group, and draw connections between the day’s work and relevant global issues.


  • Explore a mangrove forest by boat with your local tour guide or take a guided hike on the beautiful North Coast. Later, transfer to Santiago.


Who is Eligible? Students in grade 8-12 in the fall of 2017 and advisers. Must be from an OASC & NASC Member School. (Students who will graduate in the spring of 2018 are eligible to go!)

How do I sign up? To sign up, click on the link below! It will direct you to the EF Tour website. EF Tour will handle all payment and registration information.

Fundraising Ideas

How do I raise the $$ to attend?

1. Ask your ASB to help pay part of your trip.  Afterall, you will be representing your school and bringing back new isights to share with them.

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