Oregon leaders don’t just shine in our beautiful state, they shine all over the world. The Leadership without Borders program was organized to provide an opportunity to experience cultural understanding and dive into the world of diversity – with all it’s complexities and sensitivities.

Leadership without Borders began in 2015 with a trip to the Dominican Republic. In 2017, students traveled to Nicaragua. In 2018, they returned to the Dominican Republic and in 2019, students will head to Peru.

Peru 2019 Documents

Peru: Spring Break 2019 with EF Tours

Meaningful. Sustainable. Unforgettable

High up in the mountains where rolling greens lead to snow-capped peaks, you’ll journey into the remote villages surrounding Cuzco. As you explore the heart of Inca civilization, you’ll learn how locals preserve history, art and heritage, while also gaining insight into the challenges they face. Working together with community members, you’ll build long-term solutions to support economic sustainability, agriculture and access to education. As you foster meaningful relationships within the community, you’ll celebrate customs and help empower a village for generations to come.

Fundraising Ideas

How do I raise the $$ to attend?

1. Ask your ASB to help pay part of your trip.  Afterall, you will be representing your school and bringing back new isights to share with them.

2. 100 Fundraising Ideas

3. Peerbackers allows you to harness the power of your social network (websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to raise money in an easy, organized, effective way—all on one website.


The following idea was submitted by Daniel Paulsen who attended the Leaderships without Boarders DR trip in 2014.

Generally, in every community, business try and support local students with their goals and aspirations.  Daniel Paulsen went around to every small business in his small southern Oregon town of Brookings and asked for gift cards. (Brookings is only 6,500 people) Often times, business are more generous when they know what you’re raising the money for. After collecting the gift cards, he sold raffle tickets for $10 for a chance to win $400 in local business gift cards. Because the trip he went on was $2,000, he had to sell 200 raffle tickets. To promote the raffle, he made posted and hung them in every store that donated along with every free spot in town that people who see the flyers. Surprisingly, he said it was easier than he expected to raise the money.




  • You already have a large social network online, comprised of people who’d love to support you.
  • Peerbackers accepts credit cards.  No more waiting for that check in the mail.
  • If someone pledges a certain amount of money, you can “reward” them however you’d like.  For instance, if someone donates $50, you can offer a night of babysitting, mow their lawn for a month, or volunteer at a local charity.  Peerbackers has great ideas for other incentives.
  • Peerbackers lets others track your progress towards your goal.


  1. Create a profile online. Tell your backers about yourself and why they should fund you. Include photos and videos to help get your message across.
  2. Send emails, tweets, and posts to your friends and family straight from Peerbackers.
  3. Watch the money drop into your bank account through paypal.

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