Montegrande Almost finished

The urban elementary school called “15 de Septiembre” in Matagalpa, Nicaragua is extremely over populated, with a yearly enrollment of 450-475 students and 15 permanent staff teachers. It is one of the largest and fastest growing communities on the outskirts of town. It currently has 4 primary classrooms and 1 preschool classroom that are used in both morning and afternoon turns. Additionally, they use 5 classrooms in an auxiliary space nearby. The school would like to expand and construct up to 5 additional classrooms, a kitchen area (for the World Food Program’s 1 hot meal a day for children program), hand wash station, toilets and latrine with septic tank, retaining walls, overall building and grounds improvement, computer lab, furniture and desk and electrical repair.

OASC, along with ODFL and Seeds of Learning plans to work together in the 2016-2017 school year to complete the project. The community of El Tule has a large neighborhood base to work from, so we should be able to have a large and long-term population that will help us build over the time period.



Project partnered with One Dollar for Life and Seeds of Learning.