SGT.  TIM SVENSON PROMOTED TO OPERATIONS CAPTAIN Sheriff Crabtree announces Sgt. Tim Svenson has been selected as the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office Operations Captain. Svenson began his law enforcement career as YCINT Intern in 1999.  Once completing his Bachelor’s Degree at Western Oregon University in 2000, he applied and was selected as a Deputy Sheriff(…)

Happy New Year – 2012!

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet?  Do you believe in them?  Are you successful with achieving your resolutions?  As teachers and advisors of leadership we make resolutions all the time – they are called GOALS!  We often teach our students about goal setting and how to make sure a goal is SMART –(…)

Girls Night In

By Jordyn Rohrman, Eastern Representative Hermiston High School Many girls of all different ages have girls’ nights out. For some incoming freshmen it may be just as fun to have a girl’s night in with a bunch of girls their age. So you may be wondering, “why a girls’ night in” instead of a “girls’(…)