Things to do in March: Leadership Edition

National Women’s History Month: Take a day in march to honor women of history and women in your school. Write notes or hold an assembly to celebrate the great accomplishment of women. National Craft Month: Albert Einstein once said creativity is intelligence having fun. Take a lunch break and set out supplies for students to(…)

Alumni Spotlight: Hector Miranda

Hector Miranda is an alum of University of Oregon, Sigma Pi Fraternity and currently part of the Portland Trail Blazer Stunt Team. He became involved with OASC while attending Forest Grove High School and was an active participant in the organization until 2008. Hector attended OASC Conferences, OASC Summer Camp, Nationals (NASC), and was an(…)

Things to do in February: Leadership Edition

Can you believe it’s already February! What a wonderful month it is to share kindness and love to all! Here are some ideas for your leadership class or school to do in February! Great American Pie Month: Say thank you to someone in your school by giving them a pie in honor of Great American(…)

Attention Seniors: COSA Scholarships Available Now!

Each year the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators sponsors or assists in processing eight $1000 college scholarships.  These scholarships are given to Oregon seniors attending 2- or 4-year Oregon colleges. Due date for applications is March 1st, 2016.  Results are announced in April.  The following is a list of each of the eight scholarships: * George Martin(…)

What are you doing for others?

 This past Monday we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day; a day to celebrate equality, kindness and service. Dr. King was quoted saying, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” As a leader, you should ask yourself what you did for others yesterday, what you are doing today, and(…)

Nominate your Adviser Today!

Have you had an adviser that has inspired you? Why not recognize them for the impact they have made in your life? Nominations are now being accepted for OASC’s 2016 Adviser of the Year Award. The Adviser of the Year award is designed to bring recognition to Oregon educators who are making a difference in(…)

Things to Do in January! Leadership Edition

Concentration is the secret to success—one idea, one goal, one dream—one focused course of action to achieve the goal! And then we need to do it! -Don Cheley Can you believe it’s January already? Have you already started planning the last half of your year? Here are some ideas for your leadership class to do in(…)

New Year, New Goals!

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Do you have a plan to achieve them? As leaders we make resolutions all the time – they are called GOALS! You can always know a good goal from a bad one by how SMART it is. Is your goal Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely? If a(…)

Alumni Spotlight: Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson is the President and CEO of Point West Credit Union. She was involved in OASC all four of her years at Clackamas High School. She was OASC State President in 1990 where she helped host the NASC Conference at Rex Putnam High School. After High School she was a counselor for MS Camp.(…)

OASC Polar Challenge

UPDATE! Due to some unforeseen challenges we had to make some changes to the upcoming OASC Polar Plunge at Fall Conference.  We are not allowed to Plunge into the ocean for safety reasons, but don’t worry, we’ve come up with a fun alternative!  Instead, we will be having the OASC Polar Challenge!  This will consist(…)