Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie Matheson

Stephanie Matheson wears many hats; A graduate of University of Oregon, Co-founder of Klamath Youth Basin Without Borders, Business Owner, Volleyball Coach, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer, Miss Oregon USA Pageant Contestant and OASC Alumna. “The important moments … that made a changing impact on my life ranged from doing service trips in developing and third-world(…)

OASC Leader Gift Guide

1. Planner Every leader needs something to stay organized! The Minimalist Undated Large Day Planner gives the perfect place to keep everything together! 2. Bluetooth Speaker Music is a key for leadership students and advisers! Whether it’s something relaxing or up beat, the JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for any classroom, bedroom, or leader on the go.(…)

Advisers: Host the Thirst Project!

Greetings Educators! My name is Tracie Mae and I work for Thirst Project. We are a non-profit that builds freshwater wells in developing countries through the education and activation of STUDENTS! Collectively our students have raised over $8 million in 8 years making us the world’s largest youth water organization. We’ve been to over 40 states, spoke at over 600 schools, and we’d(…)

Alumni Spotlight: Michele Portmann

Editors Note: We thank Tony Fuller for nominating Michele Portmann as an OASC Alumni Spotlight. If you would like to nominate someone, please email Katie at Katie@oasc.org. Next to a picture of Former Cottage Grove High School Student Council Adviser Michele Portmann, a plaque reads “It’s not the Years in your Life… but the Life(…)

Sara Nilles, Dr. Earl Reum Award Nominee

It is with great honor that we announce OASC’s State Director Sara Nilles as the Region 7 nominee for the Dr. Earl Reum Award. In her 7th year as State Director, Sara works tirelessly to provide top-quality leadership training to all Oregon student leaders and advisers. She has provided break through leadership material that has(…)

Alumni Spotlight: Adam Slaton

It’s rare that a piece of advice given in middle school will stay with a person throughout their adult life. However, for Adam Slaton, that is just what happened. As a student of Lost River Jr/Sr High in Merrill, Oregon, his leadership teacher Dennis Ross told him, “Adam, you can choose to be part of(…)

Things to do in August: Leadership Edition

Summer isn’t over yet! What are you doing to make the most of the rest of yours? Check out a few of our ideas below! Admit You’re Happy Month: August is a month to be happy! Write Down one happy thought per day to see how happy you’ll be this month! National Picnic Month: Take advantage of(…)

Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Hicks

Gandhi Mahatma once said, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” That’s exactly what Eastern Oregon Native, Jennifer (Jaramillo) Hicks is doing. Jennifer now uses the advice and lessons she learned through OASC as a new Doctor of Nursing Practice (Family Nurse Practitioner). Jennifer became involved with OASC in 8th grade. During her(…)

Things to do in June: Leadership Edition

It’s great to say that in Oregon, June equals Summer! Whether you’re still taking your last few final exams or already on summer vacation, there are tons of Leadership things to do in June! June 1 – Dare Day: Challenge you’re friends to do Random Acts of Kindness Dares! June 2 – National Doughnut Day:(…)

20 Signs you went to OASC Summer Leadership Camp

1. ATTITUDE CHECK… 2. You crave the food at Valsetz Dining Hall all other weeks of the year except during camp. 3.You’ve been in the Olympic Games… the Junior Olympic Games. 4. Contrary to most beliefs, it actually doesn’t matter who wins council challenge because 1st-3rd place usually gives up their opportunity to eat first(…)