Senior Traditions

Starting off the final year of high school is an exciting time. Senior traditions can help bring your senior class together and help them bond. It can also help underclassmen look forward and work toward being a senior themselves. Below are a few traditions happening in Oregon High Schools. If you have any senior traditions(…)

Meet your 2018 Student Executive Council

President: Hailey– “We rise by lifting others” that is just about all you need to know about how I live my life. I am constantly looking for more ways to help others and make a greater lasting impact on our world. I am so very grateful to have been elected as your State President because(…)

OASC Leader Gift Guide

We had so many people LOVE our Holiday gift guide 2016 that we thought we’d put together another one for 2017! Below we have 12 gifts that would be PERFECT for any leader! Don’t see something that you think leaders need? Let us know by emailing Katie at katie@oasc.org. 1. Winter Energizer 2018 Eligible for current 8th-12th graders,(…)

Meet the Candidates!

In just one week, OASC member schools will elect it’s Student Executive Council at Fall Conference 2017 in Seaside, Oregon. The process to apply and be selected to campaign for a spot on the Student Executive Council is ambitious. Not only does it take a strong, involved leader in their own schools and communities, but(…)

Natural Disasters: How YOU can help!

With many natural disasters happening all over the United States, OASC has put together a list of ways you can help the communities of these disaster areas. Contact them directly. If you want to know the immediate needs of people in their area, ask them directly. Because OASC directly supports schools, we suggest contacting schools(…)

3 Leadership Analogies that can come from the Solar Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, 2017 the United States will experience a total solar eclipse. Oregon has the special opportunity to be in the path of totality. From Newport to Ontario, Oregonians will be able to take part in what is being called a celestial event. From this remarkable experience, as leaders, here are a few leadership(…)

Alumni Spotlight – Brant Minor

Life moves pretty fast for OASC Alum Brant Minor, but he has decided to take advice from Ferris Bueller, “If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Brant was involved with OASC from 1998-2002 attending two National Conferences, Summer Leadership Camp and various other OASC events. A southern(…)

Seizing The Leadership Moment…

When leaders fail to seize the moment, they undermine their leadership. What prevents you from seizing your opportunity to lead? By Saffron Cooper, OASC Midwest Rep. | When I think of the opportunities (as a leader, student, and person) I’ve missed in my life, I realize that nearly every time, it was due to fear of(…)

Play It Safe or Seize The Moment

Ben Bowman, OASC Board Member I remember it vividly: it was the Tualatin City Little League Championship game. The hot stadium lights were shining brightly on the baseball field at Jurgens Park; the bleachers were packed — with fans, reporters, and scouts from the big leagues.  In retrospect, the light may have been coming from(…)

5 MORE signs that you went to OASC Summer Leadership Camp!

1 – You know your leadership personality color. Want to know your personality color? Check out the test here! 2 – Your hug necklace was the best new summer accessory. 3 –  You lived for B.O.B. time. 4- You realize the power of E.P.I.C. projects. Haven’t heard of E.P.I.C. projects? Engage Personal Interest and Community is the(…)