15 Things to Try the First Month of School

Ahhhh. Can you feel it? The start of a new school year! We love the feeling! But while everyone jumps into the business of a band new year, we hope you’ll slow down and enjoy this moment because as cliche as it may sound, you’ll never get it back. Here are a few things to try(…)

OASC Students help bring Mental Health Days to Oregon Schools

A new law in Oregon allows students to take “mental health days” just as they would sick days. Former OASC President, Hailey Hardcastle and At-Large Rep Derek Evans helped champion the mental health bill which will allow “mental health days” just as they would take a sick day. You can read more about the story(…)

Community Service in your Region

Summer is a great time to make connections and strengthen your leadership resume. It’s also a time to give back to the community that supports you through your school year. Your Student Executive Council has taken the time to compile a list of service organizations in your region to partner with this summer. Click Here(…)

5 Fundraisers To Do This Summer!

What leadership goals are you fundraising for this summer? A study abroad? A car? SUMMER LEADERSHIP CAMP? (We hope it’s the latter choice!) We have 5 fundraisers great for your summer of raising money toward your leadership goal. Car Wash One of the easiest to organize is the Car Wash fundraiser! Grab a few friends,(…)

10 Gifts to Give…anytime of year!

The last two years, OASC has shared a Student Leader Gift Guide – This year, we’d like to share 10 things to GIVE vs buy…anytime of year. Love “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” -William Shakespeare Volunteer at a Pet Shelter and play with the pets “Heart Attack” someone’s locker or door.(…)

Why you should plan NOW to attend OASC Summer Leadership Camp

Why you should plan NOW to attend OASC Summer Leadership Camp We know winter just started… but aren’t you ready for summer again? There aren’t many things that beat no school and sunshine! Here in the OASC office, we are already planning OASC Summer Leadership Camp 2019. Don’t worry, we’ll share the theme with you(…)

Black Friday Deals for StuCo Leadership Students

It’s almost Thanksgiving which means it’s almost BLACK FRIDAY! We’ve scoured the ads for the best Black Friday deals for leadership students. We can’t wait to share them with you. But before we do, make sure you check out our 10 favorite quotes for a grateful season! Black Friday Deals for Giving Away During the(…)

Quotes for an Attitude of Gratitude

November always means a season of gratitude. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite quotes that help us have an attitude of gratitude. “At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the(…)

2018 Fall Conference Recap

It’s been a week since the end of the 2018 OASC Fall Conference, “Constructing Leaders,” and we still can’t believe what a great weekend we had. In attendance, there were 103 schools bringing, 1332 students, 163 advisers, 12 volunteers, 2 keynote speakers, and 1 therapy dog named Jax! General sessions were lead by the Student(…)

Meet the Candidates 2018

In just two week, OASC member schools will elect its Student Executive Council at Fall Conference 2018 in Seaside, Oregon. The process to apply and be selected to campaign for a spot on the Student Executive Council is ambitious. Not only does it take a strong, involved leader in their own schools and communities, but(…)