Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does an adviser need to attend with the students?

A: No. This event is run similar to our summer camp programs and is staffed by teachers and college alum that we’ve selected.


Q: Do I need to be from a member school to attend?

A: No. This event, like our summer camps is open to ANYONE from a member school or not. If you have an interest in leadership, team-building and meeting new people – this is for you!


Q: Do I need to be in leadership and/or an elected officer to attend?

A: No. Winter Energizer as well as our summer leadership camps are open to ALL students with an interest in becoming a better leader. We have students with all different backgrounds from different states and countries attend our programs.


Q: Where will we sleep?

A: This event is a “lock-in”. We will be sleeping in the gym all together – sounds a little odd, but it’s really fun.   It’s like a big sleepover. Girls are on one side of the gym, boys on the other and staff sleeps in the middle and by the exit doors. An air mattress, sleeping pad or cot is highly recommended.


Q: What do we eat?

A: The food is the best part of Winter Energizer, next to the awesome friends you’ll meet. We have a continental breakfast with cereal, muffins, fruit, yogurt etc . . . Lunch is catered by Big Hero sandwiches and dinner is catered by Qdoba! If you have gluten intolerances or food allergies, just let us know and we’ll do the best to accommodate you.