OASC Adviser of the Year 2020

Sarah Egan, Social Studies and Leadership Teacher and Student Government Adviser at Milwaukie High School has been named the Oregon Association of Student Councils Adviser of the Year for 2020.     

What makes this award even more special is that it started with students nominating Sarah and working with their administration to help complete the nominationCarmen Gelman, Principal at Milwaukie HS, stated, Sarah has been phenomenal in her role as the leadership advisor, she is very conscious about student voice and choice and making sure that the leadership students accurately reflect our student population.  In addition to making sure that the leadership class is very diverse, she is also intentional about making sure that any activities and functions are culturally sensitive and relevant. 

One of the nominating students, Kristen Wesson (ASB Secretary), wrote, She is always the one to step up in any situation, whether it involves students or adults.  She’s always the one to make sure things not only happen but happen correctly.  Obviously, no one is perfect, which is why she teaches us to learn from our mistakes too.  When things go wrong, it might stress her out, but she makes sure we learn and grow, because that is the whole point of the experience!” 

George Mathew Photography

Sarah supports her students beyond the classroom and school – she helps them attend conferences, summer camps and demonstrates the importance of networking with other students and schools across Oregon and our nation The students are then able to bring ideas back to MHS and look for ways to improve their school.   Sarah and her students have worked very hard over the past few years to help Milwaukie High School keep their school climate and culture strong despite challenges that come with construction.   

Junet Lugo, (ASB Vice President) sums it up best “Not only is she the best advisor in the world, but also an outstanding human being. I’ve learned how to be a better leader because of her.”  

We are honored to have Sarah Egan represent Oregon and OASC this year as the Adviser of the Year! 

**The Oregon Association of Student Councils is a non-profit member association, serving middle and high schools throughout the state since 1949.  We provide leadership development to both students and advisers.  Our program is sponsored by the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators (COSA).