Video Tips for Student Leaders

Video Tips for Leaders

Student leaders are being asked to take on more for their schools and communities. Now that technological communication is the primary way of contact, video skills are important for communicating clearly to our audiences. Use these tips to make sure your videos are top notch!

We used this video to collect tips with you:

  1. Film Horizontal! This is one of the most important tips. Filming horizant will make your videos look professional.
  2. Remember lighting is key! Don’t stand with the light source at your back. Instead, turn around and face the light. But make sure it’s not too bright, or it will wash you out. A window makes a great light source — during the daytime obviously!
  3. Great Audio! Find a quiet place to film your video. You can use a microphone attached to headphones to enhance your audio quality too.
  4. Keep the camera Steady! Place the camera on a dresser, table, or window ledge to keep the video stable. You can even use a paper cup to make a DIY phone stand to keep it steady.
  5. Where to look? Look at the camera lens instead of the screen. This will make the video more personable to the person watching.
  6. Stay in focus! If you’re looking at your screen, tap on yourself to make the lense focus on you. If you still seem fuzzy, take a glass safe cloth (like one to use for glasses) and clean your lense.
  7. Film at eye level. Film like you would be talking to someone face to face. You don’t want the camera too high or too low. 
  8. Film with a clean background. You can style your background with a plant or by turning on a lamp. IF you need ideas, check out interviews from popular talk shows or nighttime news channels. 

BONUS Tip: Ask for Help! Use a family member to help you set up your shot. Have them give you honest feedback to make your video the best for your audience.