15 Things to Try the First Month of School

Ahhhh. Can you feel it? The start of a new school year! We love the feeling! But while everyone jumps into the business of a band new year, we hope you’ll slow down and enjoy this moment because as cliche as it may sound, you’ll never get it back. Here are a few things to try for your first month of school!

  1. Make a new friend.
  2. Sit in the front row of class.
  3. Make a before and after school schedule to stay organized.
  4. Save a parking space in front for a friend.
  5. Stay after lunch to help clean up.
  6. Ask your teacher how their day is going.
  7. Write a note and leave it for your secretary.
  8.  Join a new club! 
  9. Instead of buying new school clothes, trade clothes with friends.
  10. Go to one event of every category of activities at your school: band, lacrosse, theater, football, water polo, soccer, volleyball… etc. 
  11. Volunteer in your community. Use this link as help you find opportunities in your region: http://oasc.org/?p=5411 
  12. Read a self help book.
  13. Write 3 goals for your school year.
  14. Start looking at SAT/PSAT/ACT test prep books.
  15. Put up pictures of your dream board in your locker. What’s a dream board? Click here to learn more: https://www.bjclearn.org/resiliency/PDFs/031110.pdf