5 Fundraisers To Do This Summer!

What leadership goals are you fundraising for this summer? A study abroad? A car? SUMMER LEADERSHIP CAMP? (We hope it’s the latter choice!) We have 5 fundraisers great for your summer of raising money toward your leadership goal.

Car Wash

One of the easiest to organize is the Car Wash fundraiser! Grab a few friends, buckets and get to work! Make sure you advertise before hand so you community knows what you’re fundraising for. Consider having baked goods and cold drinks for people to purchase while they wait for their car to be cleaned too!

Can Collection

Oregon aluminum cans are now 10 cents each! Can you believe it? Ask your neighbors to save up their cans for you to collect once a week. It will add up faster than you think!

Garage Sale

A garage sale can be an unlikely source for a fundraiser, but it can be worth it! Ask around your community if anyone is getting rid of clothes, shoes, household items, and furniture. Continue collecting until you have a good stockpile gathered up. After a few weeks of collecting, set out signs and online ads for your huge garage sale! Consider asking a few friends to help and make it a community event! For one extra tip, get a square online to accept credit and debit cards!

Movie in the Park

Make your fundraiser into something your community can attend. Why not try a movie in the park or on your school campus! Check with your local movie theater to see if they’d be willing to sponsor or donate popcorn in exchange for advertising. But don’t forget to check to see if you need a license to show the movie–when showing movies to more than your private group, you usually need to purchase a license. Click here to learn more.

Kid’s Camp

I’m sure that every parent this summer will be happy for a few hours to themselves. Consider holding a kids camp for a few days a week to give parents a break. You could do sports, arts and crafts, water games, or even cooking! Your local community center or library might be willing to donate space for you to host…just ask around!

Looking for more ideas?

Did you know that OASC has a list of 100 fundraising ideas on their website? Check it out and many more resources here!