Meet the Candidates 2018

In just two week, OASC member schools will elect its Student Executive Council at Fall Conference 2018 in Seaside, Oregon.

The process to apply and be selected to campaign for a spot on the Student Executive Council is ambitious. Not only does it take a strong, involved leader in their own schools and communities, but a positive role model who is an example of the OASC Motto; Act. Serve. Lead. The OASC Executive Board consists of 22 members where the Student Executive Council are the majority.

Students on the Executive Board represent Oregon student leaders as they help plan conferences, give input on curriculum, and discuss necessary improvements to our organization as we strive for inclusivity. The following students were chosen to campaign at Fall Conference for a spot on the Student Executive Council.

Presidential Candidates

Matt Brown – Tualatin HS

Hi Oregon student councils! I’m Matt Brown, a junior at Tualatin High School, and I’m running for OASC State President. OASC is an organization that has given me nothing but opportunity, and I am excited for the opportunity to give back.

From three years of ASB to singing in choir and playing soccer, getting involved in my school has always been a big part of my life. Whether it be planning an assembly, advertising for the insanely fun dance that’s been planned, or just making conversation with anyone around me, I thrive to make sure the students at Tualatin feel included, welcomed and represented with compassion and love. Being connected with the people around me, no matter where, has always been important to me and it pushes to me to get involved whenever and wherever I can.

Through OASC I have created lasting relationships, learned and grown with my own ASB, connected with unforgettable mentors and grown as a leader. As President, I want to reach out to more than just the schools here at Fall Conference to make sure that these opportunities are here to stay and available to everyone. I’m dedicated to making sure that our fellow StuCo’s from all around Oregon feel connected, represented and included in sharing the great experience that is OASC. You can count on me to serve OASC with compassion, work diligently for a connected and unified group of student councils and lead our beloved organization into a great year.

Thank you, and remember to vote Matt Brown for State President!

Sal Najjar – Mountainside HS

Everyone has their home away from home. For many, and for me, that place is OASC. My name is Sal, I attend Mountainside High School, and I feel honored to live out my high school dream of running for OASC president this year. This last year I have had a worthwhile experience serving on the board as Metro Representative. Throughout that year, I’ve had one lasting goal. Leaving a smile on the face of every person I interact with. That is why student Leadership is so important to me. Through our efforts, we try to bring joy to others. OASC is a perfect embodiment of that goal. It has given me the gift of a smile, the lesson of love, and the charity of inclusivity. My first memories here started with the biggest of smiles and the tightest hugs.”We don’t shake hands at OASC, we hug it out”. These moments are ones I think everyone deserves to experience as well. OASC is a place to get away, and experience acceptance no matter who you are.

If elected as state president, I would combat issues that remain detrimental to Oregon students with the help of leaders in Oregon schools by giving them chance to participate in combating the issues that affect their schools. These may include, Teenage suicide, Mental health, child homelessness, and more. The OASC community has always been extremely supportive, and I want to pass that tradition on. Being a part of this community is an honor because OASC has never failed at putting a smile on my face, and I want to do the same for others as State President.

JJ Riddel – Redmond HS

Hi my name is JJ Riddell and I am a Junior at Redmond High School. This year I am serving as the Associated Student Body Spirit Commissioner where I lead and plan assemblies, generate school spirit, and help recognize all the clubs, sports, and programs within my school. Being involved with OASC by attending summer camp, winter energizer, and the conferences OASC holds throughout the school year has taught me what it means to be a strong and humble leader within my school, community, and state. This year I am running for OASC President because OASC has changed my life in numerous ways by helping me learn key ideas of leadership, how to see what needs change and how to influence it, and the importance of building relationships with the people around you. The motto for OASC is ACT. SERVE. LEAD. If elected president I would use those key concepts to make student councils in Oregon stronger. The first one would be ACT by bringing the OASC environment to member and nonmember schools in Oregon. Second would be to SERVE each student to help them grow with the necessary leadership skills through events and trainings. The last one would be to LEAD Oregon to spread the magic of OASC by getting involved in more big picture ideas to help OASC become more well known not only in the state of Oregon, but also in our country.

Eastern Region Candidate

Inle Gonzalez

Everyone has a different reason for running for Eastern Representative. Wether it be the lack of schools from our region, or trying to have students from our rural area have their voices heard. I’m applying for Eastern Representative to help improve our schools councils, involvement in what we know as our happy place, OASC. OASC brings so many open doors, this being one of them. My first OASC event was in 8th grade it was the middle school regional conference. Going to the regional event I didn’t know what to expect. I was overwhelmed by the environment consisting of so many amazing leaders and the positivity itself. I’ve never seen that anywhere and I wondered, how can I bring this to Hermiston? I continued attending more OASC events such as Spring Conference, Fall Conference, and even summer camp. One may wonder what does one get from these events? One learns how to be a better leader, student, and person. The motto, Act. Serve. Lead. has truly helped me a lot. Positivity truly means the word to me, I want to bring that to all of our schools. I want to help more schools be involved with OASC. Many don’t know what it is. Communication is what could change that. Applying was a tough choice thinking all that what if questions instead of asking, what change one could make. OASC has made a huge impact in me, and I’m applying to keep that amazing council legacy continue.

Northwest Region Candidates

Briana Boyd – Seaside HS

My name is Briana Boyd. I am a sixteen year old sophomore who goes to Seaside high school. I enjoy getting involved, and being the person who is not afraid to stand out. Sense I was five years old I have been involved in sports, arts, and my community. My father is the vice principal for Seaside high school and my mother is the school nurse for all the schools in Seaside. I play volleyball, basketball, and softball. I also play the flute and piccolo in the Seaside high school band. I am very into the Disney company, especially the Disney parks. I know just about everything there is to know about the past, present, and future plans for Disney Inc.

The reason why I want to be the next Northwest Representative is because I like to be involved in government. I am very social to not only people I know, but also to people I do not know. I want to be part of a large network of people who also want to do great things and have great ideas that are ready to be told. I love it when I am able to create things that have never been done before, and see them become a reality. I also enjoy making things better for myself and those around me.

Mya Carpenter – Scappoose HS

Leadership has always been something that I’ve enjoyed. From being a class officer to helping someone do their homework, making other people happy has always made me happy. OASC has impacted my life in so many wonderful ways, and I would be so honored to be Northwest Regional Representative so that I could help spread the magic to students, teachers, and community members around me. OASC isn’t just an organization to me, it’s a way to live by. The amazing connections I have made with so many incredible people will forever be astonishing to me, but these connections have helped mold me into the leader I am today.

I’m applying for this position in hopes of being able to change people’s outlook on life, as many of the former representatives I know have done for me. Having the opportunity to get students involved with their schools and communities, spreading joy and the OASC magic we all should be able to experience, and simply being able to let people know that it’s okay to be yourself! I believe having the opportunity to represent those in the Northwest would truly give me a better understanding of schools around my region, and allow me the ability to connect with many more OASC-ers this year and for many more to come!

Finigan Reuter – McMinnville HS

Leadership has only come to be one of my strengths in the past year or so. I went through elementary and middle school as an observer because I was shy. I had nowhere near the confidence I do now but I’ve always had the passion. I saw others grow and inspire but I never really understood that to do that myself I had to let go of the need to feel cool and take in who I am.

Now I’ve found leadership as something that I love and enjoy daily because of all of the good it brings to people around me. This year I’m a representative for the Junior class at McMinnville High and I have a few things that I brought to the table such as, my positive energy and optimistic attitude, a drive to complete tasks that I have started, and the motivation to make any environment I’m working in as comfortable as possible to everybody. I want to bring some of those things to OASC and make it not only a place for the magic to thrive but somewhere for every individual to flourish as well.

Central Region Candidates

Karlyn Breitbach – Redmond HS

Hi my name is Karlyn Breitbach, I’m a Sophomore at Redmond High School and serve as the Sophomore Class Secretary. I grew up with my older brother being in leadership all through high school and attending OASC events as much as he could. Listening to stories from my brother I knew I wanted to be involved with OASC and high school leadership. Since then I’ve worked hard to show pride and spirit within my high school and community. Being involved has shown me the amount of love I have for being a leader whether that be planning for events, helping my community, and going to OASC events. This last summer camp inspired me to run for Central Representative and be more a part of the OASC magic. I fell in love with every part of it. Not only did I fall in love with the people I met but also with the energy throughout OASC. My mission is to help others increase their school spirit while at the same time working to increase the spirit within my own school. If elected Central Representative my goal is to help spread the OASC culture throughout the Central Region.

Riley Brewer – The Dalles HS

Hey everyone! My name is Riley Brewer and I’m from The Dalles, which is in the Central Region. I’ve been doing leadership/asb since 7th grade and I absolutely love it. I’m very involved in my school and community, with sports, clubs,and youth group. I am super interested in this position because it is an amazing opportunity and I really want to push myself as a leader. This summer was my first OASC event, summer camp, and it changed the way I lead and myself. I truly fell in love with the people and the community here at OASC and the possibility of being able to spend a year in this environment, and being able to make it possible for other kids to grow also, is amazing! And what better way to do it than to be in the middle of it all?(get it?……Central Rep). All jokes aside, I feel at home here at OASC and I want to continue to learn and grow and become the best leader I possibly can be. I want to use what I learn and bring it back to schools in my area, showing them ways to reach out to kids and get them excited about school, making it a fun safe environment for everyone. Being chosen as Central Rep would help make that a real possibility.

Joey Solomon – Bend Sr. HS

When I first joined high school I didn’t know what student council did, I thought it would be extremely boring. But thanks to my mom who always pushed for greatness, she forced me to at least try. It was amazing, I had never had so much fun and feel so fit-in in a class. Then with a little luck, I met my friend JJ who introduced me to OASC. He wouldn’t tell me anything about the summer camp I was about to attend, and I’m glad he didn’t. That single week made me realize how important OASC was, and how much I wanted to be a part of it. One night at camp, Sara described camp as a first date to OASC, and afterwards, I knew that I was ready to get married. I want to be as big of a part of OASC that I can. And the next big step from just attending was running for the SEC. I am confident that I will be an amazing central rep because I have a team of friends with me, to help me become the best leader I can be. I will strive for the improvement and betterment of our state, and prove that you voted for the right candidate.

Mid-West Region Candidates

Josh Crawford – Perrydale HS

I am applying for the position because of how impactful OASC has been in my life as a high school student. It all started freshman year when I was elected as the class treasurer. I had no idea what I was gonna do because I had never been a very inspirational person so I didn’t see myself as much of a leader. Then I attended OASC fall conference. This being my first experience of an OASC event I was shocked to hear all the amazing stories people had and to see the way these absolute strangers interacted like they had known each other for years. It was this observation and the feeling It gave me that completely changed me from that point.

After the conference I went back to school and it felt different. I wasn’t the same shy kid that I had been during those last two months and all of my middle school years. This new found self esteem encouraged me to become a greater part of my community, a better person, and most importantly. I was finally comfortable in my own skin, and I owe all of this to OASC and all the amazing people that take part in the conferences, the summer camps, and winter energizer. Because of OASC transforming me to who I am today I feel it’s only right that I help as many people that may be just like I was before I came to fall conference, and I think this position will help me bring that happiness to the most people as possible. Thank you for reading and lets have an amazing rest of this conference

Sincerely, Josh Crawford

Carlie Steele – Oregon Connections Academy

For the past two years, OASC has been like my second family. The connections, friends, and memories I have made are life-changing and I am so thankful for the experiences I’ve had. Student Executive Council is an opportunity for me to show others in my school, community, and state not only the valuable leadership skills you acquire through OASC, but the lifelong relationships you make. In addition, I would love to spread the word about my non-profit organization, Carlie’s Kindness Campaign. I organize several projects every year for different causes to educate people of the importance of spreading kindness, such as a 5K for Make-A-Wish, Veteran appreciation, toy drives for children with cancer, my #BeingKindIsCool Assembly Program, and many more! Because of OASC, I have connected with people all across the state who have joined me in my mission of teaching people that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you CAN make a difference! As Mid-West Regional Representative, I plan to introduce others to the love and acceptance that OASC offers, and work with my peers to influence young minds to spread kindness. Visit to learn more about Carlie’s Kindness Campaign, and follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @carlieskindnesscampaign to join the Kindness Fan Club!

Southern Region Candidates


Margaret Marks – Grants Pass HS

I am running for Southern Region Representative because the moment I found OASC it changed my life. Every time I go to an OASC event I find myself being caught up in the magic that is OASC from the non stop dancing to the friendships that last forever. Being on the Student Executive Council, I’d have the chance to be apart of the magic that I’ve experienced for the last 5 years, and show other people the true joy and excitement that is OASC.

Metro Region Candidates*

Lizzy Bou – Century HS

I first ran for office my eighth grade year to give the students a voice that I never had. I am the oldest in my family, and have always had a strong motherly instinct. It is written within myself to be a natural born leader. Freshman year I became a senator and attended my first OASC conference. Leading up to the conference I was confused of my place. I was having trouble with my peers, and that sparked a lot of anxiety. Within all of that, I lost myself. Going to OASC I felt welcomed. I felt like I had a place, and that what I was doing meant something. It gave me a new opening to who I was and what I stood for. This past summer created the most memories for me. I made memories I never knew was possible, became friends with people I know will stay with me for life. Most importantly I realized I wanted to give back to OASC what it had given to me. It gave me a fresh start and I realized my goal in life is to be able to give that to people who need it like I did. I have always known that I wanted to do something more with my life and that’s why I want to be a regional rep on the Student Executive Council. Everyone comes from a different home life, everyone has a different story to share, mine is just one of many, and through OASC we can all bring our stories and our differences into one big family.

Moises Monterrosso – Hillsboro HS

OASC has been a major part of my life for the past three years and i don’t know where I would be without the experiences and knowledge I’ve gained from the great leaders that have past through OASC. I’ve been inspired to run because I want to give back all the joy and happiness OASC given me through hard work and dedication. I want to inspire others to push through their limits and find their true potential. Most importantly minority representation in OASC is vital and I believe I can be the representative that could push other minorities to seek higher leadership roles.

Haley Peebles – Liberty HS

I am applying because I love OASC. As an organization, OASC empowers young leaders with skills that will help them in all walks of life. Workshops and events hosted by OASC gives students these skills so they can work towards changing or improving the culture of their school. I believe culture starts with your leadership team. They should be spreading positivity and school spirit and that is what I want to make a priority. I want all high school students to feel safe, valued, and loved as much as the students are here at OASC. My favorite part about being involved with OASC is getting to meet new faces from new schools and share information. Making connections all across Oregon provides me with peers to turn to when I’m stuck on a project, out of ideas, or even when I just need a friend. I hope to work with the other representatives from Oregon to help provide a memorable experience for all high school students. As a representative of Liberty and OASC I plan to bring fresh new ideas into leadership while also keeping our decades old traditions alive.

Talon Sison – Mountainside HS

Hello! My name is Talon Sison and I’m currently a Junior at Mountainside high school. I have participated in Track & Field as well as Link Crew. OASC Summer Camp 2018 was my first experience of being introduced to such a friendly and uplifting community. As soon as I heard about the SEC board I knew that I wanted to apply. I’m hard working, dedicated and work well with others. I have a passion of building new connections in my community and hope to branch out if I’m selected as Metro League Representative.


*The OASC Executive Board has chosen to allow 4 candidates to run for the position of Metro Representative and the top 2 with votes at Fall Conf. will be on the board.  We did not have Metro-East candidates apply and have a constitutional revision out for vote now.