Meet your 2018 Student Executive Council

President: Hailey
– “We rise by lifting others” that is just about all you need to know about how I live my life. I am constantly looking for more ways to help others and make a greater lasting impact on our world. I am so very grateful to have been elected as your State President because I will get to work with this amazing council on a bigger platform than I ever have before. In my personal life I focus a lot on the value of servant leadership and I’d love to integrate that into OASC this year. In my (very limited) free time I love to read, volunteer, “shake it”, and do anything involving the outdoors! I cannot wait for the coming year of more fantastic OASC events!

At Large Rep: ShelbyHello OASC! My name is Shelby and I am one of your At-large rep this year! I am 17 years old and I attend Grants Pass high school in Southern Oregon. I choose to live by the motto, “appreciate the little things,” because life is packed full of wonderful moments that can easily pass by unnoticed. This coming year will be one for the books, as it will be filled with many laughs, adventures, smiley times, & moments of sitting down with a cup of tea and my doggo, listening to my favorite tunes. What is always incredibly impactful for me in my year are the experiences I have at OASC, (which include many many laughs and adventures.) OASC has in numerous ways made me who I am, by teaching me what it means to be a kind human, teaching me to share my time to benefit others, and appreciate quality time and conversation. I’m beyond thrilled to be able to work with the SEC this year in making OASC experiences for all of you ones to remember.

At Large Rep: DerekMy name is Derek, and I’m a junior from Sandy High School who has a deep passion for running and Leadership. I first found OASC my freshman year, and I’ve been addicted ever since. My goal for OASC and as an active member of the Board, is to help everyone who walks into OASC, get that same addiction, and help people further their involvement on as many levels as possible! Through Leadership an OASC, I’ve found my home in many activities. I’m serving as the president of Sandy Key Club, an active member of NHS, an Oregon Capitol Ambassador, and I’m also a cross country and track runner! Through all of these wonderful opportunities, I’ve learned to love all for who they are, and I wish to spread that as much as possible!

Northwest Rep: Jackson- At Clatskanie High School I am a part of ASB serving as Service Coordinator, Speech and Debate, Football, Basketball, Baseball, and I also help with journalism. I’m almost always busy but when I’m not I do what most other teenagers do and that’s playing video games. As Northwest Representative I really want to get every school in my region as involved in OASC as possible. I know how life changing OASC has been for me and I want other students to experience the magic of OASC.

Metro Rep: Sal– My name is Sal and I am your OASC Metro representative. I currently attend Mountainside High School, Oregon’s newest and largest high school. Student leadership is important to me because of the joy it can bring to others. In my free time I enjoy listening to the ”good vibes” playlist on Spotify, stargazing ( or watching Oregon’s endlessly clouded skies), and ‘snapping’ friends on Snapchat. I also love working with organizations such as the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board of Beaverton and the World Affairs Council of Oregon to make my city a better place. Above all, I enjoy being a part of OASC because it has given me the gift of a smile, the lesson of love, and the charity of inclusivity. Being a part of SEC is an honor because OASC has never failed at putting a smile on my face, and I want to do the same as Metro Rep. I cannot wait to get started!

Mid West Rep: Brittany- My name is Brittany, and I’m from a tiny town right on the Santiam River. I represent the Midwest Region on the Student Executive Council, and I’m so excited for this upcoming year getting to serve all of you. This year, I look forward to working with OASC to keep bringing great experiences to student leaders across Oregon. A goal of mine I’d like to accomplish while on the board is getting more small schools involved in OASC. Coming from a small school myself, I know the importance of small school leadership, and a higher turnout from small schools to these OASC events could make a big impact. I love OASC and it’s a huge part of my life, but I love involving myself with other activities too. I always need to be busy! In a small school like mine, I can’t help but find myself involved in almost everything. I’m involved in activities including volleyball, basketball, softball, choir, 4-h, theatre, Younglife, and many more. I serve as Santiam High School’s ASB president, and that has been an amazing experience. I’m so thankful to be able to serve as your Mid-West Regional Representative, and I can’t wait serve this year on the Student Executive Council!

Mid Level Rep: Grace- Hey, my name is Grace and I am one of the two middle level reps. I attend Armand Larive middle school as an 8th grader in a small town called Hermiston. Before I entered leadership in 6th grade, I had no idea what OASC was. I didn’t even know it existed. After attending my first fall regional, I realized that this is something I wanted to continue participating in. As a 7th grader I found out that next year I could apply to be on the student board. It was on my mind for a while and once I was eligible I applied and got the position. I am so in love with OASC and the atmosphere it creates. The organization makes every kid in the room feel wanted, that they matter, and that they can make a difference in the world. But when I’m not smiling my biggest smile at OASC, I play basketball, tennis, and soccer. I hang out with my friends and family and binge watch series on netflix. I am so excited for what the new year has to offer, one goal I have is to continue to grow as a leader. Also to meet and learn from so many more amazing people.

Mid Level Rep: Desmond– My name is Desmond most people just call me Dez though. I am the middle school rep for the second year in a row. I attend Boise Eliot Humbolt school in Portland as an 8th grader. When I first attended OASC spring conference I was shy but the current board at the time gave me courage to step out there so I did. Then I went to summer camp and the things we did there were amazing; games, boundary breaking, workshops the Dance and everything in between. I knew that I want to be apart of something like this where you teach leadership through many way and do so while putting a smile on someone’s face. when I heard there was a board position available, I applied. Outside of OASC I love the game of basketball and how you have to work together and work hard to achieve success.

East Rep: TristanHi, I’m Tristan. I go to La Grande High School. I’m the ASB Vice President and the SEC Eastern representative. Before my freshman year of high school I had zero interest in leadership. Once introduced to leadership and student government I instantly loved it. I’m a very hands on leader and I love to organize events. Being on SEC is amazing, being able to do something I’m so passionate about on such a large scale is so life changing.



Central Rep: JJHi I’m JJ and I am Central Rep! I go to Redmond High School and serve as the sophomore class president. I love being in leadership because it feels amazing when you make a difference inside your school or within the community you are apart of. Also being able to put a smile on peoples faces is one of the most accomplishing feeling ever! Outside of leadership I enjoy the outdoors, volunteering with different foundations or school clubs, and playing sports. Being apart of OASC and being able to be on the Student Executive Council  is a dream come true because I get to do the thing I love on a larger scale!

Southern Rep: Tanikwah- Hello, my name is Tanikwah. I am so excited to have been elected as the Southern Oregon region representative. I have so much ambition and so many goals for the year ahead. Some of my main goals are to expand OASC to more schools in each region because each schools deserves some of our OASC magic. My personal goal is to work more on my communication with each school in my region and to address their concerns. Some of my hobbies include: soccer, track, socializing, eating, and meeting new people. Meeting new people may sound odd but working on first impressions and expanding my comfort zone is very important. I can’t wait for this upcoming year with many things to learn.