OASC Leader Gift Guide

We had so many people LOVE our Holiday gift guide 2016 that we thought we’d put together another one for 2017! Below we have 12 gifts that would be PERFECT for any leader! Don’t see something that you think leaders need? Let us know by emailing Katie at katie@oasc.org.

1. Winter Energizer 2018

Eligible for current 8th-12th graders, Winter Energizer 2018 will be the PERFECT time to get re-energized to finish out your school year. Registration is available now online at OASC.org. Scholarships available also!

Only $140 – $25 non-refundable deposit due at registration  REGISTER NOW!

Click here to view last year’s highlight video.

2. Wonderboom Speaker

Whether it’s for setting a positive mood during class or relaxing after school, every leader needs a bluetooth speaker. We found this one at Costco on sale! Buy one for yourself and give one to a friend!

$119.99* – Purchase Now   *Must be a member of Costco to receive discount.

2. Scratch Map

Got a travel bug? Use this map to plan your next trip–and scratch off where you’ve been! Maybe you’ll want to add Peru to your list– OASC is going during Spring Break 2019! Click here for more info!

$29.99 – Purchase Now

3. Table Topic Cards

The key to a good leader is communication. Test your communication skills with table-topics!

$25.00 per set – Purchase Now

4. Backpack Charger

Any leader on the go has experienced a dead laptop or dead cell phone. Quit standing by wall outlets and get yourself a charging backpack!

$99 on AmazonPurchase Now

5.The Servant by James C. Hunter

This book is on the top of our Executive Director, Sara Nilles’s list for all student leaders! Dive into The Servant by James C. Hunter.

$13.43 on Amazon – Purchase Now!

6. One Question a Day 5 Year Journal

Every leader should journal, but journalling can be ANYTHING! Check out this Question a Day Journal. It will be fun to look back what you wrote when you started!

$14.85 on Amazon – Purchase Now!

7. First Aid Kit

We all have accidents–but why not be the one with the bandaid! Get your leader a First Aid Kit and know they’ll always be prepared when an emergency strikes!

$11.75 on Amazon – Purchase Now!

8. Hot Sauce

For that wacky stocking stuffer, get your leader a Sriracha Keychain Bottle! They can use it especially at Summer Leadership Camp when their food gets a little bland!

$15 for 3 bottles – Purchase Now!

9. Personalized Stationary

Hand written notes are a given when you’re a leader. Personalized stationary will take those notes to the next level!

Prices & Designs Vary – Purchase Now

10. Planner

Organization is key to every leader. This simple planner would be the perfect start to anyone’s new year.

$12.49 on Amazon – Purchase Now!

11. Essential Oils

In the realm of mindfulness, essential oils can help balance and brighten changing moods. These essential oil rollers are designed to provide targeted emotional health benefits when applied every day.

$125.00 – Purchase Now

12. Motivation Cards

Every leader needs some motivation every now and again. Why not gift your leader a set of motivational quote cards. They can share them with friends or hang around their room to stay motivated.

$9.99 on Amazon. – Purchase Now