ADDING VALUE: for Students & Advisers

by Chris Hill, Lake Oswego High School Activities Director & The Students of Lake Oswego High School

As an Activities Director, I’m constantly trying to make myself more valuable to my student leaders. In order to do so, I have four ongoing professional priorities:

  • Attend adviser-only conferences – OASC Adviser Leadership Institute, CADA
  • Read one book a year – School Culture by Design by Phil Boyte
  • Follow and contribute to Facebook Groups – OASCAdvisers, School Culture by Design
  • Make new adviser friends and enhance ongoing relationships – amazed by the responses I get in a simple email or text asking for help. Activities Directors are all about helping each other out.

Students of Lake Oswego High School

  • Personally, I feel that I’m making myself more valuable by getting to know a lot of people. – JP
  • I think taking the high road is a big part of what makes your valuable as a leader. As a leader you face the criticism and scrutiny from others. Sometimes you can’t please everyone. So the best you can do is do what you think will benefit the people as a whole and stay humble and collected when addressing the public. – Cher
  • Practice kindness – TJ
  • Bringing people together to work on project and being inclusive. – Harris
  • I always try to make myself available – Conor
  • Involving myself in affairs that involve them – Irfan
  • Be kind and approachable – Andrew
  • Be involved in a variety of activities and events – Kaylee
  • For me, a few things that I do, is stay on top of tasks making sure to maintain a proactive mindset, accept yourself and all the actions that you take, and lastly, to make sure that you are always willing to help no matter what situation. If you cannot accept yourself for who you are, how do you expect to move forward and accept others? – Sera

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