Leadership Self Care Packages

by Ryan Laws, Southern Rep

The best way to make yourself more valuable to the people you lead is to maintain good self care. By maintaining a routine for self care you will be less stressed and have more energy to help others. My routine for self care is to go on a run or color every single day. During this time it allows me to take my mind off of whatever I am stressing about that day. This adds value to my leadership skills because it helps me deal with the stress so I can help handle larger situations and I can take on more things at once. Some other ideas to maintain good self care is to go on a picture walk, desensitize in a dark room, or color. By doing any of these things it will help you de-stress so you can focus on helping others. This is very important because it makes you more valuable as a leader. By dealing with your stress in a positive way you are able to deal with larger scenarios and are more easily able to completely focus on helping others.

Another way to help make yourself more valuable to the people that you lead is to establish a good relationship between you and them. Something I always like to do to establish a good relationship is to show I care. At my school our leadership team sent out “care packages.” These care packages have surveys
in them asking for student opinions and comments. Not only do these establish that we care what the student body has to say but we also get some good information on what our leadership team should focus on. By establishing a good relationship between you and the people you are leading you will gain more trust, connections and respect which will ultimately add more value to you as a leader.