10 Things Every Leader Should Do During Spring Break

1) Meditate for 10 Minutes Every Day

Take time for yourself and breath slowly. Focus on making your mind clear, so you can relieve stress. If you’re finding it hard to clear your mind, try journaling for a bit before you meditate. You can also try the meditation app Headspace.

2) Go to a Movie

Splurge and go to a movie with a positive message like the new Disney Beauty and the Beast. Or, watch one at home. We suggest Life of Pi, The Pursuit of Happyness and Pay it Forward.

3) Organize your Digital Life

Is your phone or computer cluttering up your life? Take the time to delete old emails, old files, and change your background image for a clean start.

4) Read a Book

With (what seems like) endless amounts time during spring break, read a new book. Why not try a few of OASC’s Favorites: Leadership and Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute, Dream Leader by Jill Esplin and Sue Baechler, Is there really a human race? By Jamie Lee Curtis, and After the Speech: When Teens Get Real by Harriet Turk.

5) Spend Quality Time with your family

Put away your phone and focus on your family. Ask questions, tell jokes, play games, and enjoy this time.

6) Serve your Community

There are tons of ways you can serve your community. You can clean up a local park, Visit a Senior Center/Care Home, or volunteer at the YMCA/Boys and Girls Club. It doesn’t take much to help make a part of your community a little brighter.

7) Clean Your Room

While your parents already tell you this enough, spring break is a great chance to refresh your room by doing good. Go through your clothes, books, toys, and electronics. If you’re not using something, donate it to your local thrift store.

8) Write a Letter to your Future Self

Take a few moments to reflect on your experiences and write a letter to your “end of the school year self.” Who do you want to be? What do you want to accomplish? What will you do to help those around you? Don’t worry about losing the letter, type out your letter on FutureMe.org.

9) Watch This Video:

10) Give…

Every person has something to give to those around you. Find someone who needs something that you can give them. It can be as simple as your time, or as generous as your money. It can be a place to sleep, a little love, or even a back massage. All that matters is that it comes from the heart.