The Struggles of Time Management

by Chelsea Armstrong, SEC At-Large Representative

As a leader, time management can be one of the hardest obstacles to tackle, especially for those that are deeply entrenched in their school culture. Many student leaders struggle with constant doubling booking and overworking themselves, but avoiding burning the candle at both ends is actually very simple. The solution to these two common predicaments is as simple as one word: prioritize.

Prioritizing is one of the most difficult acts a leader must partake in to become more successful. Developing a hierarchy of your commitments is challenging and varies from person to person. As an example, some administrators put the needs of their building first while others put the needs of their student body first. For leaders, we must choose between “What service project/event matters more to me?,” “What will benefit the community more?,” or, “What will have greater impact on my future?,”  which are most often difficult, if not impossible for some. In situations like these I will often pick what benefits the greater collective and put that first, then I work with the other two as they come along. This requires a small sacrifice from the subsequent priorities but yields a greater benefit for the task with the most impact.

Putting one thing first, especially when you care immensely about everything in which you are involved, is challenging, but it’s a hurdle that we have all faced at some point or another. Asking an advisor about what would be best for you is often the best option due to the higher level of experience they have had with situations such as these.  Prioritizing, while it can be stressful, truly is a life skill that will benefit you for years to come.