Things to Do in May: Leadership Edition

April showers brought… more May showers (at least here in Salem!). What is the weather like where you are at in Oregon? Good thing service doesn’t mind the weather! Whatever you’re doing in your leadership classroom or in your school this month, don’t let the weather determine your plans! But also, don’t forget to always have a plan B!

National Bike Month/National Bike Week: Spring time is a great time to plan a bike-a-thon, or encourage bike safety! Have you ever considered having a “bike to school day”? The options are endless!

National Photograph Month: To recognize the artists in your school, and to spread some joy in your hallways, print out photographs taken by students of your school and hang them up around school!

National Police Week: Recognize the sacrifice and hard work of the Police Officers in your town or school during National Police Week.

May 2 – Brothers & Sisters Day: Use this day to mentor students in a local elementary or middle school.

May 3 – National Teacher Appreciation Day: Do all you can to recognize the teachers in your school! They deserve it! Don’t forget to recognize non-traditional teachers also! Like parents, coaches, and volunteers in your community!

May 4 – Star Wars Day: May the force be with your leadership class on Star Wars Day! Have some fun with your school by playing a Star Wars Movie during lunch, or letting students dress up like their favorite characters!

May 5 – Cinco de Mayo: Celebrate the students from Mexico in your school by celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Celebrate how different cultures make your school a better place!

May 8 – Red Cross Day: Invite the Red Cross to come to your school and have your students participate in a blood drive. You could even have a competition as to which grade has the most participants!

May 13 – (The only Friday the 13th in 2016): Go all out on the only Friday the 13th in 2016 and do something to promote good luck!

May 18 – Visit Your Relatives Day: Use this day to encourage students to learn about their family history. Create family tree’s that can be shared with student’s relatives.

May 31 – World No Tobacco Day: Encourage the students in your school to say ‘No’ to Tobacco on World No Tobacco Day. Have a competition where students submit creative ideas of what they can be doing instead of doing drugs. Let students vote on the ideas and award the winner with a prize!

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