Why you should plan NOW to attend OASC Summer Leadership Camp

Why you should plan NOW to attend OASC Summer Leadership Camp

Why you should plan NOW to attend OASC Summer Leadership Camp

We know winter just started… but aren’t you ready for summer again? There aren’t many things that beat no school and sunshine! Here in the OASC office, we are already planning OASC Summer Leadership Camp 2019. Don’t worry, we’ll share the theme with you soon! We wanted to let you know of a few reasons why you should plan to attend OASC summer leadership camp NOW!

Reason #1: July will be here before you know it!

While days go by slow, months seem to go by faster than we expect! Summer Leadership camp is only 6 months away! If you block it out in your calendar now, other things won’t take the place of your leadership development!

Reason #2: Set a goal and you will achieve it!

People with written goals are 50% more likely to achieve than people without goals. If you set a SMART goal now, it will help you get yourself to camp! SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Based. Don’t forget to set mini goals to help you get to your final goal! Read to the end of this article to see an example!

Reason #3: Make an investment in yourself

Warren Buffett said, “The best investment you will ever make is in yourself.” We agree! Decide now that you are going to work on achieving your leadership goals by developing your leadership skills. Camp costs start at $325*! (That’s as little as $54 per month.) If camp costs are a financial burden, see if your school can help! We also encourage fundraising. Many community members are willing to donate to causes you’re passionate about.

Summer Leadership Camp can feel like a big decision. We know being away from home can be a big discomfort. However, many student leaders are anxious when they first arrive, but always leave wanting more. We can’t wait to see you there!

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SMART GOAL: I will attend MS Summer Leadership Camp at WOU from July 14-17, 2019.

Mini Goal: Fundraise $55 per month to pay for Summer Leadership Camp

Steps I will take to make this happen: Babysit at least once a week, ask to help my neighbors with their yard work or house chores for money, write four fundraising letters to the local Elks, Rotary, Kiwanis and the 20/30 club.  Tell people about my goal!

*OASC Summer Leadership Camp is priced at the early-bird rate of $329 for Middle School Students and $399 for High School Students.

You can register to vote!

You can register to vote!

Register to Vote

Did you know, Oregonians can register to vote at 16 years old? You won’t receive an official ballot until you turn 18, but that shouldn’t stop you from registering. The registration deadline for the 2018 Oregon elections is October 16, 2018. The election will be on Tuesday, November 6, and there are lots of important decisions on the ballot. In addition to races for Congress and Oregon Governor, there will be local races like city council and county commissioner, as well as five important ballot measures on issues ranging from taxes to immigration to housing.

You can register to vote at the DMV while getting your driver’s license, or you can register online here:

Why choose a political party?

Unlike what some people may say, you do not need to join a political party to vote in an election. In fact, many local elections are nonpartisan, meaning that candidates do not run as Democrats, Republicans, or some other party. However, joining a political party allows you to vote in the primaries (where the parties choose their representatives for the general election). When choosing a political party, you should pick a political party that’s values are most inline with your own.

While there are many parties you can join, five of the biggest parties nationally are:

Democratic Party:

Republican Party:

Libertarian Party:

Green Party:

Constitution Party:  

You can learn about each other parties by clicking on the links above. To help you choose a party, you can use or to help understand where your personal viewpoints fit with political parties.

What you can do before you can vote:

If you’re under 18 can can’t vote yet, you can still support our democracy. Here are a few ways you can help.

  • Encourage friends and family members aged 18 and older to register to vote and vote in the upcoming elections.
  • Research issues you are interested in and become knowledgeable about candidates running for office, then help educate your family and community members.
  • Join a politics or government club like the OASC Capitol Ambassadors.
  • Contact your elected representatives to tell them your thoughts and ideas on important issues like education. Find out who represents you in Oregon by going to this link:
How to Help Someone with Mental Health Issues

How to Help Someone with Mental Health Issues

It’s always hard to watch someone struggling. It’s even harder to know what to do. Below are some tips to help someone struggling with Mental Illness and Suicidal thoughts.

What to DO:children with umbrella dark clouds

  • Keep in touch, do reach out to them. Text them, call them, drop by for a visit. Let them know you’re thinking of them.
  • Bring them something to eat, take them out for ice cream, or invite them over to dinner.  Often those who are struggling neglect simple things like eating and drinking water. We need nourishment to help our bodies and brains stay healthy.
  • Sit with them, listen to them, be with them,  talk with them. Suicide can be a lonely thought. Having someone with you can be a step towards asking for help.
  • Have them join you in an activityーwatch a movie, play a boardgames, do some art, run some errands, go for a walk; keep it simple”
  • Talk to a trusted adult about your concern for the individual.
  • Ask directly if they want to kill themselves or if they want to commit suicide. It is a myth that saying this will increase the chances of the person completing suicide.
  • Ask if they have a plan . If they state that they will kill themselves (different than “I want to die”), that’s when you need to call 911
  • Call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255. It’s not just for suicidal people, anyone can call for resources or help.
  • Call or text Youthline 877-969-8491 or text “teen2teen” to 839863high school students at sunrise

What NOT to do:

  • Make them list things they’re grateful for. That indirectly sends the message of shame and that their feelings are not real
  • Force them into some type of activity. If they want to talkーlisten.  
  • Bring up too much religion. You can ask if they practice religion and if they want to talk about that but don’t impose your beliefs onto the person
  • Shame them for having suicidal thoughts. They’re not exactly something they decided they wanted to think about, nor did they “invite” them with something they did. Acknowledge the person is having those thoughts and talk about them.
  • In the end, just be a friend.

If you want more information, check out this page of resources from Well Being Trust.