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Making Mental Health Top of Mind

Making Mental Health Top of Mind

by Sara Nilles with Robin Henderson

The #Work2BeWell campaign unites students from all backgrounds in raising awareness about emotional well-being

I was in the office working on our next leadership training event and up popped a text message from an adviser in rural Oregon—another suicide. This was the school’s third this year, and the year was only half over. The school looked to the activities director and student leaders to help bring the school and community back together. They were grieving, too. In the months to come, this would only be the beginning of more phone calls, emails, and requests for support in our schools. I thought to myself:I studied math education. How do I help? What do I say? What can we do as an organization to help?

It was time to reach out for support. When I did, I found a friend at iHeartRadio who was involved in the #BeWell campaign. This led me to Robin Henderson, chief executive of behavioral health for Providence Oregon and clinical liaison to Well Being Trust (WBT), a national foundation dedicated to supporting emotional well-being in our nation. WBT had recently launched a campaign called #BeWell to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health. They had been in the “awareness phase,” using radio and celebrity influencers to spread the message, and were now heading into their next phase of activation.

As advisers, we know that no one else knows how to activate students quite as well as student leaders! As we looked for help in supporting students with mental health issues, we partnered with #ICANHELP (see related article on page 16) because social media is central to mental health, and this organization rocks at activating youth. We also worked with YouthLine, an established teen crisis helpline and part of Lines For Life, the Oregon suicide hotline that specializes in teen-to-teen crisis support.


5 Things You Should Know and Do as a Senior ASB Officer

5 Things You Should Know and Do as a Senior ASB Officer

If you’re graduating this year, read on! This is your time to finish up what you’ve been working for! Below are a few tips on things you should know and do as a Senior ASB Officer!

Set a Good Example

    1. As a senior ASB officer, it is your responsibility to model good leadership. Forbes.com published an article about 8 essential qualities that define great leadership. Those qualities include: Enthusiasm, Integrity, Communication, Loyalty, and Decisiveness. Are you modeling these kind of leadership qualities? If not, start today! There is always time to learn. 

Know your Leadership Style

Knowing the type of leader you are can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. We personally like the Colors of Leadership. You can take a sample test here.  There are also a few free tests online that might help as well: 

Help Others Succeed

Vince Lombardi said, “It is time for us all to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever – the one who recognizes the challenges and does something about it.” Are we cheering on those around us? It’s not just enough to cheer at the finish line… are we there at the first and second turn as well? Encourage those around you to set SMART goals and cheer them along the way. 

Know Your Personal Board of Directors

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and take this quizNow, use those names to fill your Board of Directors. Being a leader is knowing who leaders are in your own life and who is there to support you and help you make decisions. Having a mentor is important for personal growth. Spend time finding your own Board of Directors.

Leave a Legacy

Have you ever heard the saying, “Leave your campsite cleaner than you found it?” How are you leaving your school when you graduate? Are your successors prepared to take over? Make sure you have a plan to turn over the reigns. And don’t forget to say THANK YOU! There are so many people in your school that deserves your thanks. Don’t forget to finish your year with handwritten notes of gratitude. 

If you think we should add to this list, let us know! Let us know on Social media or email Katie at katie@oasc.org 


15 Things to Try the First Month of School

15 Things to Try the First Month of School

Ahhhh. Can you feel it? The start of a new school year! We love the feeling! But while everyone jumps into the business of a band new year, we hope you’ll slow down and enjoy this moment because as cliche as it may sound, you’ll never get it back. Here are a few things to try for your first month of school!

  1. Make a new friend.
  2. Sit in the front row of class.
  3. Make a before and after school schedule to stay organized.
  4. Save a parking space in front for a friend.
  5. Stay after lunch to help clean up.
  6. Ask your teacher how their day is going.
  7. Write a note and leave it for your secretary.
  8.  Join a new club! 
  9. Instead of buying new school clothes, trade clothes with friends.
  10. Go to one event of every category of activities at your school: band, lacrosse, theater, football, water polo, soccer, volleyball… etc. 
  11. Volunteer in your community. Use this link as help you find opportunities in your region: http://oasc.org/?p=5411 
  12. Read a self help book.
  13. Write 3 goals for your school year.
  14. Start looking at SAT/PSAT/ACT test prep books.
  15. Put up pictures of your dream board in your locker. What’s a dream board? Click here to learn more: https://www.bjclearn.org/resiliency/PDFs/031110.pdf